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Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Please please please make sure you vote!

Happy Election Eve! I am just like a kid on Christmas Eve today. Is this exciting or what?

Today I take a look at The Campaign Commercial, Montana Governor 2016, Montana’s Four Ballot Initiatives, Election Night coverage, Monday Night poll results, and much more!

The Campaign Commercial:

Often there’s a campaign commercial that stands out, maybe not for how good it is, but for how silly or funny it is. A few years ago, a Montana candidate for U.S. House, Matt Rosendale, pretended to shoot down a drone. That commercial received a lot of attention, but it did not help Rosendale win his race.

This year in Montana, the winner is former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who shoots a television because he is upset with an attack ad that aired in the Montana Supreme Court race against his friend Dirk Sandefur.

I don’t understand why Schweitzer was watching television in the forest…

Schweitzer is only shown in the first 15 seconds of the ad and then at the very end, but all the staff (me) at The Western Word picked this ad as the winner. I cannot decide what the ad won, but it is funny and silly:


Every time I see Schweitzer, he reminds me of “Cousin Eddie” from the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

Montana Governor 2016:

If you are still wondering which candidate, Steve Bullock or Greg Gianforte, should get your vote for Montana Governor, you can read my thoughts about each HERE.

Montana’s Four Ballot Initiatives:

If you are wondering about Montana’s four ballot initiatives, I wrote about each one last month. You can read that column HERE.

The shorter version is:

  • CI-116 (Crime Victims’ Rights) – Yes
  • I-177 (Trapping) – No
  • I-181 (Medical Research) – Yes
  • I-182 (Medical Marijuana) – Yes.

Election Day/Night Coverage:

You should follow me on Twitter (@TheWesternWord) for Election Night coverage and updates. If you don’t have Twitter, you can see The Western Word’s Twitter feed on this website, (refresh the page often). The Twitter feed is on the right side of the page.

Monday Night:

By Monday night most major campaigns will have a pretty good idea if they will be winners or losers Tuesday. This is because of their internal polling. Some campaigns have been doing rolling polling for several days and have pretty good information on what the outcome will be.

I remember having dinner with a candidate several years ago on Monday night before the election. About 8:00 p.m. the candidate’s phone rang. The candidate was told the winning margin was about 3 points. After the election was over, it was about 3.4.

If any campaign staffers want to email me their internal polling numbers that would be great! Your secret is safe with me!

The only website I pay attention to about the Presidential election and U.S. Senate election is

Thanks to all the candidates who ran for office this election cycle. I appreciate you!


8 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. My SWAG sez: Clinton 323 Trump 215

    North Carolina GOP (NCGOP) is bragging on Twitter how their voter suppression tactics are working. 4,000 people were standing in line at the ONE polling station open (sked for 6 hours only) in Cincinnati yesterday. OH also greatly reduced early voting options, among many other Red states.

    • Greg – Not sure. The pro Marcy’s Law folks say, “Some people argue that giving constitutional rights to crime victims will cost too much. While this is a convenient argument to make when people oppose something, it is simply not true and other states have already proven them wrong.”

      A Missoulian editorial opposing the law says, “It is also concerning that the financial costs of this proposal are likewise unknown; indeed, a note attached to the ballot reads: “Fiscal impacts are expected for the Office of the Public Defender, Judicial Branch, Department of Corrections and local governments from passage of CI-116, but those costs could not be accurately determined at this time.”


    • Anon – In the Presidential race, I’m hearing that Clinton is benefitting from early/absentee voting due to a surge in Hispanic voters, but that may just offset the lower turnout of African-American voters. As for Montana, I’m not hearing a lot. I think the Governor’s race may go late into the night before it is called. Weather is supposed to be good in most places. Let’s get ready to rumble! -Thanks, -JmB

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