TWW Afternoon Extra: I Voted – So Take That!

I turned in my ballot this morning at the county elections office. There were other Patriots doing the same thing.

God Bless America!

Before I continue I want to point out that I took my own ballot to the county elections office. I did not give it to a random person who happened to knock on my door and asked to deliver it for me.

Voting makes me feel good. Damn good. I am voting on behalf of my fellow veterans who gave their lives for the freedoms we have – freedoms like voting for the candidate of my choice!

Voting makes me feel powerful – unstoppable!

When I vote I get to stick it to the man (or woman), once again. It’s like I wave my fist at the establishment and say “up yours.” My vote counts just as much as your vote does.

By voting in this election….

  • I “stuck” it to the guy who wanted me fired years ago – I voted for his opponent. By the way, he did not get me fired, either.
  • I “stuck” it to the guy who failed to do his job – I voted against him.
  • I “stuck” it to the guy who has staffers who are pricks.
  • I voted “No” on all the unopposed Montana judges, except one.
  • I also found it hard to vote for candidates who did not send me a free bumper sticker!

So yes, I feel pretty freaking good right now. Refreshed. Renewed.

I’ve followed and been involved in politics for most of my life. The following is a selection from my 2013 book, “Preparing for the Race: 50+ Questions for the Potential Candidate” that you can buy HERE:

My first venture into politics came in the summer of 1968. As a nine-year-old, I was excited to follow the Presidential campaign of Republican Richard Nixon, Democrat Hubert Humphrey, and Independent George Wallace. My dad was a Democrat and he worked road construction for a union company building bridges and interstates across the Midwest. We traveled with him and came home to Missouri on some weekends.

One particular weekend we were traveling across Iowa on Interstate 80 and exited at Newton, Iowa. I had just made a three by five-inch campaign sign and wrote, “Nixon is the One” on it. I placed it in the corner of the windshield. few minutes after putting the Nixon sign on the dash by the windshield, a woman driving a 1968 Cadillac pulled into our path wrecking us and totaling both vehicles. We were trapped in our vehicle for a few minutes until someone pried the doors open. The woman said her dog blocked her view and that she pulled out in front of us causing the wreck. I thought maybe the Nixon sign was a curse on my family. My dad voted for Humphrey later that year. Humphrey ended up losing to Nixon.

Not everyone enjoys politics as much as I do, but you can still vote and maybe you can stick it to the man (or woman).

Just do it.

If your candidate loses, suck it up. Move on. Don’t be a sore loser, but in all honesty, I really don’t care. Cry. Complain. Say it was rigged. File a lawsuit.

If your candidate wins, remember to be a gracious winner – or don’t. They can’t beat you for a few years, so get in their face and brag. Sip that champagne because next time your candidate may get their ass kicked!

The next campaign season starts November 9.


## END ##