The Wednesday Read: Juras/Sandefur, Tribune, Ballots, & Poll

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. – Elbert Hubbard

Today these items caught my attention:

  • Montana Supreme Court
  • Tribune & the “P” Word
  • May I Drop Off Your Ballot
  • The Final Debate Poll

Montana Supreme Court:

Lee Newspapers released poll results this morning that showed Kristen Juras leading Dirk Sandefur 31% to 30%, with 39% undecided.

I’ve said this race will be a toss-up and it looks like I am right.

In other campaign news, Sandefur posted a video on Facebook that showed him acting ticked off and taking a bunch of negative campaign fliers about him and throwing them in a large trash can. The trash can had “City of Helena” on the lid. Sandefur lives in Great Falls, but maybe he is so secure in a victory that he already owns a home in Helena where the Montana Supreme Court meets.

Juras was endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA). If she gets the word out that will probably help her cement the conservative vote.

The Tribune & the “P” Word:

The Great Falls Tribune posted a political cartoon from cartoonist Milt Priggee the other day that caught my attention.

The cartoon was titled “Words that matter…” and it showed four famous Americans and their well-known quotes. There was Lincoln and his famous quote, “Four score and seven years ago…” Next was Roosevelt and his famous quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” and then there was Reagan saying, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall…”

Finally, the cartoon showed Donald Trump saying, “Grab them by the p%$#y” with the “P” word spelled out (The Western Word won’t post the word here).

If you want, you can see the cartoon HERE.

Drop Off Your Ballots:

On Monday Lee Newspapers reported that more than a dozen voters contacted the Missoula County elections office Monday morning concerned about what happened to their ballots after people going door-to-door offered to deliver them and in Livingston one resident complained to police.

Lee Newspapers also reported that one person picking up the ballots was identified as being from the Montana Democratic Party. They contacted Kristen Cates, a spokeswoman for the Montana Democratic Party, who said voter privacy is a paramount value for Montana Democrats and that the party will have additional conversations on its approach.

Ya think? While this practice is not illegal, it causes concerns. It smells and it fits right into the Trump narrative that this election will be rigged.

The Montana Democrats should stop this practice right now.

The Final Debate Poll:

Tonight is the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Follow me on Twitter (@TheWesternWord) for my commentary during the debate. Come back here after the debate to take part in The Western Word poll to pick who won!


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