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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas A. Edison

Welcome to Monday – Are you ready for a great week?

Today I take a look at:

  • Montana Cowgirl Blog
  • Montana Property Taxes
  • Quote of the Weekend
  • Kansas City Chiefs

Montana Cowgirl Blog:

MTN News reported that attacks from the liberal, anonymous blog Montana Cowgirl are exempt from campaign laws requiring “attribution,” and therefore the blog doesn’t have to identify its author, Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl said Friday.

THIS JUST IN… Effective immediately The Western Word blog is an anonymous blog. Please forget who the owner is…

Just kiddin’

MTN reported that Motl’s decision dismissed a complaint from Public Service Commission candidate Caron Cooper of Livingston, who said an Aug. 18 anonymous posting on Montana Cowgirl attacked her candidacy, had “no journalistic basis” and should be considered election material, which, under state law, cannot be anonymous.

You can read the whole MTN story HERE. The Montana Cowgirl posted a response to the complaint HERE. This is the key paragraph:

Caron Cooper has been a guest poster on this blog. Yet when I posted something she didn’t like, she sought to silence it. Perhaps that’s the most telling element of all, given that this is the kind of thing we’ve seen from GOP candidate Greg Gianforte, GOP legislator Art Wittich, and GOP candidate Robert Saunders. Cooper hasn’t just filed complaints against the Cowgirl Blog. She’s also filed against Montana Conservation Voters. That complaint too was thrown out, just like the one she filed against this blog was tossed.

You can read Motl’s decision HERE.

Montana Property Taxes:

The Great Falls Tribune’s David Murray reported on a story about the consequences of not paying your property taxes in Montana. It can be a freaking nightmare:

In Montana, if a property owner doesn’t pay their taxes over a long enough period of time, the deed can be transferred to a third-party tax sale purchaser, often for pennies on the dollar. Wait too long, and the recalcitrant property owner may find the house they live in belongs to somebody else.

Tony and Ruth Rucinsky failed to pay their property taxes and this happened:

“It was a Sunday morning and we were all in our pajamas,” Ruth Rucinsky recalled. “I had my nightgown on and we were making breakfast for the boys when this guy pulls up in his jeep and walked right in. He didn’t even knock, he just opened up our door and walked in. I was like, ‘Who are you?’ and then he says, ‘We own this place now and if you want to live here you can rent it from us or buy it back at fair market value.’”

If that would have been my home and that guy had just walked in, he would have probably received an ass-kicking.

According to officials and reported in the Tribune, less than 500 properties a year in Montana pass all the way through the three-year tax lien process and are forceably sold through a tax deed.

Of course, if it’s your property it’s a big deal.

Tom Jacobson, a state representative from Great Falls, says that any tax collection system that has the potential to strip people of the entire value of their property when the debt they owe is only a small fraction of what the property is worth, is morally wrong.

Amen to that. Instead of the Montana legislators playing gotcha politics next session, maybe they can do some good and address this issue.

Quote of the Weekend:

Tony Schwartz, who was Trump’s ghostwriter for his 1987 memoir The Art of the Deal, probably had the best quote this weekend about Donald Trump. From Meet the Press transcript:

“He’s like an untrained Rottweiler. And every time they let him off his leash, he ends up biting someone and putting himself in jeopardy.”

Kansas City Chiefs:

Although they may look like a pretty good team on paper, the Kansas City Chiefs did not even look like a very good high school team Sunday night on national television. It was an embarrassment – a butt-kicking in front of millions.

The Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 43-14.

I picked the Steelers to win the game in the football contests I play because the Chiefs are not very good on the road and although they won two games, they were against weak teams and at home.

Andy Reid may be an “OK” coach and a good ol boy, but I don’t think he is a coach who can take the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. Sometimes I think instead of calling plays, he’s ordering take-out from one of Kansas City’s barbecue places off a menu that looks like a play sheet.

Reid has brought the Chiefs up from the bottom of the league to somewhere in the middle. They will make the playoffs occasionally and often have a winning record, but they will never compete at the highest levels of the NFL with Reid at the helm.


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  1. I thought of you and your love for your Chiefs (which I am surprised someone hasn’t taken after that moniker yet…crazy hurt feelings) as my fav Steelers ran rough shod over them. I was glad to see that the Steelers paid attention this week and can hope the Chiefs face themselves in the locker room conversation this week. It could be a much better team and it will happen. I holler for teams with “flyover” status…except the Seahawks and the Ducks…my favorite college team (boohoo this year, I can hardly see through my tears to type). I have followed Wilson since his Wisconsin days…what a person! Good luck next week.

  2. I’ve posted numerous things that Cowturd doesn’t like, and that’s why they blocked me on social media. Many others in the state have as well. Like a rabbit with its hands over its eyes, however, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  3. Bitter Chief’s Fan. Meanwhile Broncos are 4 and 0. Just sayin’. Always room for more Broncos Fans.

    • Anon: Sorry – I may complain but I have been a Chiefs fan all my life and will continue. I do respect what the Broncos have done the past few years. -JmB

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