Wednesday’s Read: Four Things…

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. – Colin Powell

Welcome to Wednesday!

Here are four things that caught my attention in the past 24 hours:

  • Montana & Bullying
  • Trump’s First Security Briefing
  • Wyoming’s U.S. House Race
  • Alaska’s U.S. Senate Primary

Montana & Bullying:

It’s pretty sad that Montana came in 4th on WalletHub’s list of states that have a bullying problem. Read the report HERE.

According to WalletHub:

WalletHub’s analysts measured the prevalence and prevention of bullying in 45 states and the District of Columbia to help bring awareness to the harmful effects of such pervasive violence not only to America’s young people but also to society as a whole. In order to conduct such a comparison, we examined each state based on 17 key metrics, ranging from “bullying-incident rate” to “truancy costs for schools” to “percentage of high school students bullied online.”

I moved around and attended many schools when I was a child due to my father’s occupation, and I was bullied a lot because I was the new kid. In today’s world with social media, I think it’s even worse for kids. They can’t easily escape bullying like I did when I was young.

It’s important that adults, teachers, administrators, and fellow students do all they can to prevent bullying. It’s a serious problem.

Trump’s First Security Briefing:

Several reports, including this one from Reuters, say that this is the week Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will start receiving national security briefings.

According to ABC News and reported by Reuters, Trump will be accompanied to the briefing by two top advisers, General Michael Flynn, a former Defense Intelligence Agency chief, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who heads Trump’s White House transition team.

I don‘t think Trump has started receiving the briefings yet because he hasn’t posted any of the classified information he received during the briefings on Twitter…

Reuters also reported that “there was no indication” Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has requested a briefing yet.

Maybe she wants the briefings sent to her as a PowerPoint presentation via private email…

Wyoming’s U.S. House Race:

It looks like Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was the winner of GOP primary for Wyoming’s at-large House seat Tuesday night. (Politico)

Most people believe that in conservative Wyoming, Cheney should easily win the General election race against Democrat Ryan Greene.

The seat was an open contest due to the retirement of Cynthia Lummis.

Alaska’s U.S. Senate Primary:

Congrats to U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski for winning her primary last night. Roll Call reports that she won with 71% of the vote in a four-way primary.

It looks like after the scare in 2010 Murkowski has learned how to campaign.


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  1. I was bullied everyday for more than a year when I was in Helena Middle School. Officials did nothing. A year later I finally got into a fight. I ended it, and because I did what the officials could not, I was suspended.

    I don’t see Montana bullying coming to an end anytime soon. Our officials have no balls.

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