Wednesday’s Topics: Istanbul & Benghazi

We’ve had another suicide attack, this time in Istanbul, Turkey. We also saw the release of the House Republicans’ Benghazi report.

I’ve got an opinion about each – so read on…

Istanbul Airport Attack:

This morning reports say that 41 people were killed and over 200 injured during the Ataturk Airport attack in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Associated Press is reporting that there were three suicide attackers armed with guns and bombs and that the government said Islamic State extremists were believed responsible.

These days it’s apparent that terrorists are not as interested in taking over a plane and flying it into a building as they are at going into crowd of people and shooting or blowing up as many people up as they can. That appears what happened in Turkey.

Many airports are vulnerable. Most people can easily walk into an airport before they have to go though security – and do a lot of damage. For the ease and convenience of the passenger, they’ve also made it easier for the bad people.

Some reports say the attackers in Istanbul somehow rushed past security, which is another serious problem.

We need to always be rethinking and retooling our security measures.

The Benghazi Report:

The House GOP Benghazi committee released their much-anticipated report Tuesday. Then the spin started – from both sides.

We already knew from House GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that the purpose of the committee was to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances in winning the White House. After that was disclosed, no matter what the committee found it would be tainted.

Probably the analysis from USA Today said it best, “House Benghazi Committee report was drowned by politics.”

The Associated Press did a side by side review of the House Republican and Democrats report about the 2012 attack. You can read it HERE. The key line from House Benghazi Committee Republicans:

No new evidence that Clinton, secretary of state at the time of the attack, is to blame for the facility’s vulnerability or the U.S. response to the attacks.

The Associated Press reported, “The GOP report offers no major revelations” and “the committee’s 800-page report, released by Republican members, offered no ‘smoking gun’ about Clinton’s role.”

The Los Angeles Times had this headline, “Republicans release Benghazi report but find no new evidence against Hillary Clinton.”

The Washington Post had this headline, “Benghazi report finds no new evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton.”

It is my hope that this will end Rep. Trey Gowdy’s 15 minutes of fame. He and his committee spent at least $7 million doing this investigation that found little, if anything, new.

Even the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, got in his two cents worth of hatred toward Clinton and President Obama. Franklin Graham tweeted:

The #Benghazi report has been released & it confirms the Obama administration & Secretary @HillaryClinton have lied.

That Tweet was deleted when I checked on it this morning.

My message to Franklin Graham is that I feel his Heavenly Father as well as his earthly father are probably ashamed of him for getting involved in partisan politics.

Christian leaders like Franklin Graham are giving Christianity a bad name.

The New Yorker has an article posted about Benghazi with responses from Ambassador Chris Stevens’ family. You can read it HERE.

Politics were involved in making the Benghazi report – that much we know. We also know that four great Americans are dead – Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

They deserved better then. They certainly do now.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Topics: Istanbul & Benghazi

  1. I think everyone is glad this Benghazi investigation is done. My takeaways from it is that we never made the attempt to send in support. One point I found ridiculous was that the team had to change from military attire to civilian and back 4 times in 40 minutes. They used the excuse that they couldn’t get there in time to help. It’s like the DOD and the Administration knew how long it would last! Really. Hillary’s State Dept failed to provide adequate protection for Ambassador Stevens and his team by ignoring multiple requests over 6 months.

    The other takeaway is that Hillary outright lied about it being due to a video and there is documented evidence she knew it was a planned attack but still pushed the narrative that it was the video that incited the attack. She even emailed her daughter and the President of Egypt confirming that terrorist attack that night. And when the bodies of our Ambassador and Navy Seals came home, she told the families she would get the man that produced the video for what happened to them…

    I have my own thoughts on what was happening in Libya and Syria in that time frame, Time will tell if I am right…

    • Goopers in Congress failed to make money available to pay for security at US diplomatic properties in spite of repeated SoS requests. Smaller gov’t, ya know?

      The report states that the uniform changing idiocy did not make one whit of difference regarding the response time.

      As for the video, that is the one last desperate straw rightwingnuts will cling to when it still doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi was attacked and Americans died.

      As for Hillary saying she would get the guy behind the video, shrubya said he’d get bin Laden and then let him escape at Tora Bora but Obama got that job done.

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