Wednesday’s Quick Hits

May the fourth be with you today…

Welcome to Wednesday! Here are some “Wednesday Quick Hits” about these important issues:

  • Montana Veterans & Suicide
  • Montana Open Primary
  • Indiana Primary
  • Ted Cruz & Donald Trump

Montana Veterans & Suicide:

Last week the Great Falls Tribune reported that fifty veterans committed suicide in Montana in 2015, below the state’s yearly average of 56 for the past decade but still more than twice the national average.

Think of that: 50 veterans committed suicide – just in Montana – just in 2015.

More than twice the national average – think of that, too.

That is a pretty sad statistic for the state of Montana. It’s something that should shame every elected official and person involved in veterans’ issues.

The cold hard fact is that with the state’s yearly average of over 50 deaths via suicide, the people who are in charge are not doing their jobs. It’s well past the time to make some changes.

Here is the bottom line: The Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House VA committees, state legislatures, state veterans affairs, as well as our elected officials are not doing all they can to help veterans and to prevent suicides in the veteran population. Their inadequate response to this epidemic of suicides among veterans is like they are pulling the trigger when a veteran takes his/her life.

I’m sure to tackle this epidemic there will be more State Administration and Veterans’ Affairs Interim Committee meetings and politicians will send a couple press releases touting their love and their hard work on behalf of veterans.

Some people reading this are probably saying, “OK, what would you do?”

First, publicize where veterans can get help. Mail every Montana veteran the Montana Suicide Prevention Hotline number (800-273-8255) on a card to carry with them and a magnet for their fridge.It should be on billboards in every county.

Second, every day the Montana media should donate time on the air and in the paper to publicize where veterans can get help. Every single day.

These are just two easy things that can be done. There are more that we can all do.

Click HERE to visit the Veterans Crisis Line Website.

Montana Open Primary:

The Associated Press reported that a federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit that sought to allow only Republican-registered voters to participate in its primary elections.

I am in favor of open primaries and I always have been. Trying to close the Republican primary in Montana is just another attempt by the far-right wackos to take over the Party and have a purity test for voters.

Indiana Primary:

Republican Donald Trump easily beat Ted Cruz 53-37. For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is still showing some life; he beat Hillary Clinton 53-47. (CNN)

Ted Cruz & Donald Trump:

Donald Trump whipped Ted Cruz in Indiana yesterday 53-37. It was a pretty bad shellacking for Cruz, so he quit.

Actually, Cruz “suspended” his campaign, but that still means he quit. If a candidate suspends his/her campaign they can keep their delegates and still raise some money in case they are in debt. (Source)

That scream you heard last night was from establishment Republicans and most of the folks at Fox News when they heard that their last hope to beat Donald Trump quit. You will be able to tell who these people are at work today – they will smell of alcohol and they will have puffy spots under the eyes from crying themselves to sleep last night.

In the last couple of days, I could tell that Ted Cruz was getting desperate. It always looks bad in politics when a candidate gets desperate. He even met with a group of pro-Trump supporters and was beaten up (verbally) pretty badly.

The thing with Cruz is this: He is a jerk (my editor wants me to be a softer, kinder, columnist) and nobody really likes him, but he was the establishment Republicans’ last hope.

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus referred to Donald Trump as the “presumptive GOP nominee” in a tweet Tuesday after Sen. Ted Cruz announced he was suspending his campaign.

John Kasich’s campaign quickly fired off a fundraising email saying, “Sen. Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it’s up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

While I like Kasich a lot and he could do the job, it’s basically over for him and it has been for a long time.

As for Hillary Clinton, she sent this email after Cruz suspended his campaign:

Today, Donald Trump effectively locked up the Republican nomination for president.

When I imagine him in the White House, I’m disgusted. Not just because of the policies he’d enact — a ban on Muslims entering the country, punishment for women who get abortions, a wall on the border in Mexico — but also because I try and imagine him doing the more symbolic, but often just as powerful, parts of the president’s job.


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  2. Kasich will be dropping out right about now. Presser sked for 3pm MDT.

    Thing is, all these Goopers headed for the lifeboats today will slink back to their deck chairs in a week or few.

    • Rick – Thank you. I messed up both results. Crap! Thanks for pointing it out. I corrected it. -JmB

  3. “He beat Hillary Clinton 53-48 (CNN)”

    Somebody got some splainin to do…..

    • Rick- No kidding. Bernie is making it a race. The Dems might be growing tired of Clinton. -JmB

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