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Welcome to the big show to end the week – “Caught My Eye” (CME).

If you are a first-time visitor, CME is posted right here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. I often throw in a touch of sarcasm to make you smile – or to irritate you just a little – maybe both.

Topics this week include State Rep. Randy Pinocci & Fairfield Sun Times, the conspiracy, Armed Forces Reserve Center, Gianforte & Facebook, Drunk Driving, the Governor’s Plane, Curt Schilling, Earth Day, and much more!

Randy, Randy, Randy…

Montana State Representative Randy Pinocci (R) found himself in a little hot water after his email to a supporter was forwarded to the Fairfield Sun Times. He was upset with the coverage he received from the newspaper. You can read about the whole brouhaha HERE.

Here’s what Pinocci said in his email:

I hope to pass a law that says impersonating a reporter is against the law maybe after we put a few of these idiots in jail we can get better reporting.

I kind of hope if Pinocci is reelected that he introduces the bill.

I’d take it a step further and introduce a bill that says impersonating a legislator is against the law. Maybe after we put a few of those idiots in jail we could get better representation in Helena, not to mention Washington, D.C.

Can I get a “Hell yeah!”

Pinocci is being challenged in House District (HD) 19 by current HD 23 Representative Wendy McKamey. McKamey actually lives in HD 19, not HD 23, so she decided to run in HD 19 this time. It’s another silly thing about elections in Montana. By the way, I live in HD 23, but I’ve also been accused of living on Mars, in the past, on the edge, etc.

Both Pinocci and McKamey lean very far to the right. Let me repeat that, both Pinocci and McKamey lean very far to the right. Elaine G. Olsen is the Democrat running in HD 19.

Friday’s Quick Hits:

This is the section where I give my comments in a few sentences about an issue that popped up this week.

*Gianforte & Facebook: The Associated Press reported that in a recent campaign speech, gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte asserted that Facebook passed over Montana for a data center because of the state’s business equipment tax. However, a spokesman for the internet giant said Thursday that Facebook executives never spoke to the Bozeman Republican.

When you are challenging an incumbent like Gianforte is, you cannot afford to make errors like this. The Democrats will now try to paint Gianforte as a liar.

*Governor’s Plane: The Associated Press reported that three Montana lawmakers say they will introduce legislation next year to prohibit the use of Montana’s government-owned airplane for campaign purposes. They are State Sen. Mark Blasdel, State Rep. Ryan Osmundson, and State Rep. Brad Tschida. They are Republicans.

This is nothing more than Blasdel, Osmundson, and Tschida trying to get attention and to help defeat Governor Steve Bullock. 

*Driving Drunk: A Billings attorney named Michele Lynn Braukmann is facing charges after police say she had been driving drunk with three children in her car. Since there were children in the car, she was charged with felony criminal child endangerment. A breathalyzer test registered her blood alcohol content at 0.247 percent, more than three times the legal limit. (Billings Gazette)

We’ll watch how this plays out. Ironically, the Gazette reports that in 2013, Braukmann was featured in 40 Under Forty, a Billings Gazette publication celebrating area business leaders.

Armed Forces Reserve Center:

It was good to see that this week the Armed Forces Readiness Center in Great Falls will be getting a new name. The Great Falls Tribune reported that legislation passed both houses of Congress to rename the facility as the Capt. John E. Moran and Capt. William Galt Armed Forces Reserve Center to honor the Montana men who received the Medal of Honor.

All that needs to happen now is for the President to sign the bill.

It was also good to see the Tribune update the story that appeared in the e-newspaper (and probably in the paper edition) with the fact that in December 2006, Congress passed legislation (Public Law 109–412) from U.S. Senator Conrad Burns to dedicate a proposed replacement Army Reserve building to Galt. Unfortunately, the ball was dropped by the congressional delegation (Baucus, Tester, & Rehberg) after Burns left the senate. Those three members also allowed 50 missiles to be taken from Malmstrom and the F-15s from the National Guard.

Nonetheless, it’s wonderful that finally now, 10 years later, and for years to come more people will learn about Moran and Galt and the sacrifices they made for our country.

The Conspiracy:

I joke a lot about chemtrails, living in my bunker, etc., but the Montana Cowgirl blog found another conspiracy, so I must warn you – my faithful readers.

Here is the headline from Cowgirl:

Trump Advisor And Republican Legislators Worried Native Americans Are Planning A Nuclear Attack On Montana

Read the Cowgirl column HERE. The Cowgirl points to a post from Wonkette which had a similar headline:

Trump Advisor Worried Native Americans Might Get The Bomb And Nuke Montana

Read the Wonkette column HERE.

You know, I worry about a lot of things but I can honestly say that I have never worried about Native Americans nuking Montana.

Is it time for a glass of wine yet…

Curt Schilling:

It’s wonderful that we live in a country where we have freedom of speech. I like to exercise that freedom every day here at The Western Word and on Twitter and Facebook.

Sadly, some people haven’t quite grasped the idea that with that freedom comes responsibility – meaning that what you say or write could come back to bite you in the butt.

That happened to former major league baseball player and now former ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling.

ESPN finally grew tired of Schilling and his rants. There have been several from Schilling in the past few years. He was hurting the business (ESPN) so they fired him.

Schilling will probably end up on some cable news network show like Fox & Friends. They say stupid stuff all the time.

Christine Brennan from USA Today probably has the best column about Schilling and ESPN. Read it HERE. She closes it with this sentence: “ESPN finally got up and left Schilling on Wednesday night. We’re all the better for it.”

I agree with that.

One More Thing:

Today is Earth Day and this is a friendly reminder that we have only one earth, so let’s take care of it.


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