Politics 2016: Gianforte Picks Robinson

AFTERNOON EXTRA…This morning Republican candidate for Montana Governor, Greg Gianforte, announced that he had selected Lesley Robinson, a Hi-Line rancher and Phillips County Commissioner, to be his running mate.

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In the press release sent to The Western Word, Gianforte said, “I could not be more excited and proud to have Lesley Robinson standing by my side in the fight for Montana’s future.”

According to the Gianforte campaign:

Phillips County Commissioner Lesley Robinson is a rancher who was born in raised in Malta Montana, in a county that proudly boasts more cattle than people. Lesley and her husband Jim have been ranching with Jim’s family near Zortman, Montana since 1985, on a ranch that has been in the family since the 1950’s.

In a fundraising email, Gianforte said:

I chose Lesley as my running mate because she is a true salt of the earth public servant, who knows better than anyone how the self-serving career politicians in Helena have forgotten and ignored rural Montanans.

As our next Lieutenant Governor, Lesley Robinson will serve as a vital and effective link between agriculture – Montana’s number one industry – and state government.

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