Politics 2016: Super Tuesday Analysis

That was a fun evening. Merica!

Here are some of the headlines about Super Tuesday:

Rubio Falters again as Trump Extends His LeadYahoo

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Cemented as 2016 LeadersAP

Top Super Tuesday takeaways: Clinton and Trump Near the Promised LandUSA Today

Trump, Clinton cement status as 2016 front-runners with big winsThe Hill

Trump, Clinton capture key wins on Super TuesdayReuters

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Donald Trump is still in the driver’s seat for the Republicans winning seven of the 11 races Tuesday night. Ted Cruz won three. Marco Rubio finally won his first state (Minnesota), although it looks like he and Cruz received the same number of delegates from Minnesota.

You can see the Republican delegate count HERE.

On the Democrat’s side, Hillary Clinton won seven states Tuesday night and Bernie Sanders won four. You can see the Democrat delegate count HERE.

Cruz won his home state of Texas, but he did not receive 50% of the vote which looks pretty bad. Trump took second and Rubio was third in Texas, but Rubio was under the 20% needed to get any delegates.

Rubio, Kasich, and Carson could help the GOP by dropping out, but I don’t expect them to until after March 15. March 15 is a big primary day with Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina holding primaries. But before March 15, there are about 14 primaries and caucuses. See the schedule HERE.

Although it may be too late, Ted Cruz has turned out to be the only viable alternative to Trump. Some in the GOP may be warming up to him. About the only thing the anti-Trump folks in the GOP can hope for is to prevent Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates before the convention, which is being held July 18-21, 2016, in Cleveland.

If that happens, then for the first time in a long time a political convention will be interesting.

Watch closely this Thursday night – Fox News hosts a GOP debate and if the establishment Republicans have any clout, they will “entice” the Fox News moderators to go hard at Trump and allow the other candidates to have a free-for-all at Trump’s expense.

There’s also an anti-Trump Super PAC run by several establishment Republicans that is trying to come after Trump with millions of dollars.

The Republican Party still seems to be coming apart and self-destructing since Trump is steadily marching toward the nomination. One prominent Republican said this morning that George W. Bush may be the last Republican President for a long time.

Think about that…

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  1. On Wednesday Dr. Ben Carson announced he is dropping out of the race.

    There, you can C&P that into tomorrow’s WW bullet points. 🙂

    • HighPoint – it’s looking like it may be true! -Thanks -JmB

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