Campaign 2016: Fundraising

Welcome to July! While many of us are thinking about the Independence Day holiday this weekend, those in the political world were thinking about the end of the second quarter fundraising.

Last night (June 30) at midnight was the deadline. Some groups and politicians wanted those of us on their email lists to believe it was the end of the world and they needed a few of our dollars to help their campaigns survive.

Here are some of my favorite fundraising emails:

-The Organizing for Action (OFA) folks (Barack Obama) was running a contest to send one lucky supporter and a guest to Hawaii, flight and hotel included. They sent a follow-up email with the subject, “I’m a real person giving away a real trip to Hawaii.”

That was probably the most tempting fundraising email of the quarter…

-The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent a ton of e-mails asking for a donation. Last night I was kind of happy to see an email with the subject, “this is our last email, Friend” and said my donation would be “triple-matched.”

I once complained about the number of fundraising e-mails the DSCC sent. I think there were fewer this time around, but it’s a long way until November 2016.

-The Hillary for America campaign offered to send me a Hillary magnet if I chipped in $10. The shipping is free. They also asked me to send them only $1 in several other e-mails.

If I donated, I would probably just lose the magnet when I went through the car wash…

Jeb Bush asked for a little more money, he wanted me to “contribute $100, $50, or $25 right now.”

His father even sent an e-mail asking for money…

Marco Rubio told me that whether it’s $7 or $70 – my donation is important!

-The Friends of Steve Bullock campaign sent an email about being just short of 2000 donors and urged me to send them $5 before midnight.

U.S. Senator Steve Daines was just elected to the senate, but his campaign team sent a couple emails asking for donations by the June 30 deadline so they can “post strong numbers to send a message that conservative values are alive and well and that our core supporters are still behind us.” In another email Daines asked for “a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more, right away to help me prepare for the fight ahead.”

It was probably smart for Daines to ask for donations since the Republicans suffered some major loses during the past two weeks (Obamacare and gay marriage). Supporters may be more inclined to send a donation to help fight the fight.

U.S. Senator Jon Tester used the deadline to raise some money. He wrote about Congress running out of time to fix the Highway Trust Fund, and then asked me to send him $5 to help “keep our grassroots network growing strong.”

I’m not sure mentioning the Highway Trust Fund will make people want to donate to the campaign, but maybe that is polling well.

-The folks at Family Research Council (FRC) sent me an email with the subject “Your religious liberty is at risk” and asking me to send my “most generous possible donation.”

The FRC folks want us to believe that our religion is at risk every day. I believe that God is in control, FRC, and not Tony Perkins…

-The Montana Democrats got in on the action, telling me via email that the Republicans are bringing in outsiders to radicalize their base.

They also added, “Not only are they positioning a New Jersey billionaire to challenge Governor Bullock in 2016, but this week they had the notorious Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert headline their 2015 Convention.”

I don’t think the Montana Republicans need any help from outsiders in the radical department…

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