Tuesday’s Political Potpourri

Welcome to Tuesday – It’s time for Tuesday’s Political Potpourri!

When there are several political stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into a “potpourri” column.

Today I provide that valuable independent commentary you’ve come to love from The Western Word. Today’s subjects include:

– Cascade County Republican Central Committee & Steve Fitzpatrick
– Medicaid Expansion & the Montana Legislature
– Steve Daines & the letter to Iranian leaders
– Hillary’s e-mail issue & Lindsey Graham

There’s a lot more, so read on…

Cascade County Republican Central Committee:

I was not surprised when I read that Cascade County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) censured State Representative Steve Fitzpatrick for a number of things, one being “for proposing legislation that would protect the state’s open primaries.” Some of the far-right Republicans want a closed primary. I don’t care for it.

I am very much acquainted with the CCRCC. Several years ago I attended their meetings and I was even their webmaster for a while. I did other things for the good of the Grand Old Party until the nutjobs started moving in and taking over. I quit attending the meetings sometime in 2007 – so I’ve been clean for almost eight years.

Many people who were active members have told me the “big GOP tent” is closed in Cascade County unless you are the far-right leaning which has led to less involvement from moderates. The good people who saw that a “person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor” are long gone.

CCRCC Chair George Paul issued the censure. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported this piece of information:

Fitzpatrick said Paul and the other committee members are “worried that normal Republicans are going to come back in and take over the central committee. We have a weird central committee that is extreme right but chaired by a liberal Democrat.”

Many wonder how George Paul ever became chair of CCRCC.

The Chronicle also reported:

Fitzpatrick also suspects that he was being punished for voting against a bill to ban the United Nations’ Agenda 21 policies from being implemented in Montana. The bill’s sponsor is Rep. Randall Pinocci, R-Sun River, who is also a member of the Cascade County Republicans.

Overall this is another example of the Republican Party falling apart. According to the Cowgirl Blog, the whole Montana GOP may be fighting about one thing or the other. It’s an embarrassment.

Thanks go to Fitzpatrick for being a statesman, and for the vote against Agenda 21.

Medicaid Expansion:

I wrote about this Montana Legislative issue yesterday. Now the Democrats in the Legislature are saying the Republicans on the House Human Services Committee violated House rules and abused power. Here’s the story.

I don’t know if these accusations will fly (probably not), but I hope that the Republican Chairman of the House Human Services Committee, Art Wittich, and the others who voted against Medicaid expansion never find themselves down and out and needing help.

I thought Montanans were better than this.

Letter to Iranian Leaders:

Montana’s junior Senator, Steve Daines, and 46 other Republican Senators sent an open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the ongoing nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States. The letter was authored by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a freshman and a veteran.

It was not the right thing to do.

Deep down there’s hatred from most Republicans in Congress toward President Barack Obama.

Obama is the commander-in-chief and, whether you like it or not, the leader of our country. I would think that a veteran like Cotton would understand that most organizations have a chain of command in one form or another. As an Army officer I’m sure that Cotton should understand that he would not like it if someone went over his head – and this is basically what he and 46 other Republican senators did to Barack Obama.

It’s important when we (the United States) are in diplomatic negotiations with other countries that we present a united front. These Republican senators have undermined the President and that makes us look bad to our friends and foes around the world.

About Hillary’s Email:

Wow. The news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used private email for official business is sure getting a lot of play.

With all the talk about Clinton, she must be the frontrunner for 2016.

More interesting was that current Secretary of State John Kerry is the first Secretary of State “to primarily rely on a State.gov email account.”

What was even more interesting was to hear U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham tell Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that he has never sent an email. Not one.

So if you never received a response from Graham, now you know why.

Graham is 59 years old and is a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. In the Reserves he performs duties as a Senior Instructor at the Air Force JAG School. He’s held elective office since 1992 and HE HAS NEVER SENT AN EMAIL.

After telling folks he’s never sent an email, he added, “I don’t know what that makes me.”

I’ll answer that: It makes you look dumb. Somewhere somebody is scouring their inboxes for an email from Lindsey Graham. No wonder Graham and U.S. Senator John McCain hang out together…

To put a local flavor on it, Mike Jopek (@MikeJopek) tweeted “28 of the 50 Sens and 44 of the 100 Reps in Montana use private email for public policy during #MTLeg.” By the way, I use my private email instead of the official western_word@yahoo.com email address sometimes.

There are reports this morning that Clinton will be holding a press conference later today. No matter what she says the GOP will disagree with it, because she’s the frontrunner.

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  1. FTR, I like Graham for his service to our country and continued service in the AF Reserves. I think he is a follower who wants to be a leader..

    Due to the combative nature between Congress and the White House over Iran, this has escalated to far. Both are wrong for how this has transpired. It is time that leadership needs to sit down with the POTUS and get on the same page. Both have to give, in which neither will and that is where we have been for some time!

  2. Regarding the letter, strategy and egos aside, I believe the Executive Branch and Congress are co-equal branches of government on those matters not expressly reserved to one or the other. IMHO, the letter’s clarification of powers were more a reminder to Obama than a message to the Iranians.

    • Craig – Thanks. Then maybe they should have sent it to the President directly. -JmB

      • I believe they have done that in the past only to have their messages round filed. I’m guessing they felt a little public scourging would get the message across this time. The welts of education.

  3. Valerie Jarret said she never, never received an email from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also said he first found out Hillary was using a private email address from the evening news, even though he had received emails from Hillary…I guess they are all as dumb as Lindsey Graham! At least President Obama is watching the evening news when he is not golfing.

    Nixon got lambasted for 18 missing minutes of audio from the oval office while Hillary is missing several months of emails off her private server, including an entire trip to Libya where there are photos of her reading emails while on a C-130 transport…now that is dumb!

    • Thanks Barry. I did not know you were a Lindsey Graham supporter. There have been a lot of photos of Hillary with her smartphone. Maybe she was playing Candy Crush or posting photos of her grandbaby. 🙂 Like I said, no matter what she says it won’t be good enough for the GOP. They want to make something stick to her because she is the frontrunner. Right now the GOP has no one who can beat her. -JmB

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