Campaign 2014: Wheat & VanDyke

If you have not received a glossy mailer from groups promoting Mike Wheat and/or Lawrence VanDyke for Montana Supreme Court, you’re lucky.

Along with the Montana’s U.S. House race, the race for Supreme Court Justice #2 may be one of the more interesting races in 2014.

The “Non-Partisan” Montana Supreme Court justices are elected for eight-year terms, so whoever wins the race will be there almost until the cows come home.

Here at The Western Word, I like to make things pretty easy for the voters, and deciding for whom to vote in this race is really pretty easy – so read on…

Candidates for the Montana Supreme Court and other Courts in Montana will tout they won’t let politics interfere with their decisions – and that they will be impartial – but you don’t have to look very far to see that politics plays a big role. That is unfortunate, but those are the rules we have to live with at this time.

If you lean to the right, then VanDyke is your man. He was appointed by Montana Republican Attorney General Tim Fox to be the state Solicitor General. A recent campaign mailer promoting VanDyke was paid for by the “Republican State Leadership Committee – Judicial Fairness Initiative Montana PAC.”

If you lean to the left, then Wheat is your man. He was appointed by Montana Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer when there was a vacancy on the court. Wheat was also elected to the Montana State Senate as a Democrat. Wheat is also recommended by the Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers (MEA-MFT).

I won’t get into who may have donated to their campaigns or who they donated to, which would paint an even more partisan picture.

I’d like to see the Montana Supreme Court justices appointed to the seat instead of having to campaign for it. The Supreme Court Justice position is tarnished by politics. The whole court needs disinfected after the past few elections.

Maybe they could be appointed to one 10-year term by the Governor with approval from the state senate. I’m sure the legislature will get right on that.

Read more about the candidates at their campaign websites by clicking on their name:

Lawrence VanDyke

Mike Wheat


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2 thoughts on “Campaign 2014: Wheat & VanDyke

  1. Over the past two months, I have had the opportunity to travel through over half of Montana showing family around our great state. What I did notice, were several signs out there for Daines and Zinke. I did see not one sign out there for Walsh (leftovers), Curtis or Lewis along the same path. I have received 2 glossy flyers from Van Dyke in the mail but nothing from Wheat…are you sure there are Democrats running for office? If they are…you don’t see much about them from Bozeman west!

    • Barry – I heard a rumor there were Democrats running this time. Seriously, I don’t travel as much as I once did across Montana but I have seen signs for all the candidates around the Great Falls area. -JmB

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