Monday’s Political Quick Hits

We’re just 50 days from the November election!

I put together a list of things that caught my attention over the weekend and this morning that you should read in Monday’s Political Quick Hits!

Those items include more debates, October 20, new columnist at the Gazette, election stories and corrections, trust in the government, Hillary in Iowa, and much more!

More Debates:

On Sunday the Missoulian newspaper editorial board said “Let’s have more debates, and give Montanans a true Senate campaign.”

My back yard is open for debates if candidates want to drop by. The questions would probably be more interesting coming from me…

October 20:

The Billings Gazette reported, “U.S. Senate candidates Steve Daines and Amanda Curtis have agreed to a debate in Billings on Oct. 20” and the “debate will be broadcast on radio and television throughout the state, as well as covered by The Gazette.”

So here is the big question: Should I miss an hour of Monday night football for this?

New Columnist:

Billings Gazette Editor Darrell Ehrlick announced that Judge Russell Fagg was going to be a guest columnist for the Gazette. Fagg is a Montana state District Court judge.

After yawning and rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I thought the only way any newspaper could top having a state district court judge writing a column would be to have a person who has the job of watching aluminum doors rust write a column.

So I will be waiting patiently for that.

Active judges can’t write much about current cases and I doubt Fagg will be telling us why he and his fellow judges allow drunks to roam the streets of Montana after multiple DUI convictions.

Election Stories:

Lee Newspapers is trying to be a leader in campaign coverage. Over the weekend and today they have published some stories about Montana voters and what areas in the state vote which way.

On Sunday they reported this information:

Republicans have never won an election for the Senate seat now held by Democratic Sen. John Walsh. Democrats have controlled that seat since 1913.

The other Senate seat, the one held by Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, has been in Democratic hands for all but 24 years since 1913. Republican Sens. Zales Ecton held it from 1947-1952, and Conrad Burns had it from 1989-2006.

The dates are a little off on Ecton and Burns terms in office. Ecton’s years of senate service was 1947-1953, and Burns’ years of senate service were 1989-2007.

Pro Tip: You can look for that information on the website HERE – or you can e-mail me.

Trust in Government:

A new poll from Gallup found that “Americans’ trust in each of the three branches of the federal government is at or near the lows in Gallup’s trends, dating back to the early 1970s.” Read the poll HERE.

Maybe Reagan was correct when he said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”


In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton went to Iowa over the weekend where she appeared at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry. Harkin is retiring after this term.

Iowa will be important to Clinton if she runs for President. Read more HERE.

Iowa is not very important for any other reason…


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