Thursday Numbers

Welcome to another exciting edition of “Thursday Numbers” – the Government reopens edition!

First, congratulations to Congress and the President for pulling us back from the cliff for a few more months! In case you missed it, the Federal government is open today.

If this is your first time reading “Thursday Numbers,” this is where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about the cost of the shutdown on the economy, Kentucky kickback, House budget votes, Senate budget votes, Daines budget vote, polls, Tea Party, Affordable Care Act, Spinning the shutdown, winless NFL teams, undefeated NFL teams, and much more!


CNN reports, “The 16-day government shutdown took a $24 billion chunk out of the U.S. economy, according to an initial analysis from Standard & Poor’s.”

And they just kicked the can down the road…


After the vote last night in the senate to fund the government and increase the debt limit, the Senate Conservatives Fund issued a press release saying, “In exchange for funding Obamacare and raising the debt limit, (Senate Republican Leader) Mitch McConnell has secured a $2 billion earmark.”

They fondly called it the Kentucky Kickback. McConnell is running for reelection in 2014.


That is how many people filed new claims for unemployment last week according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That’s a decrease of 15,000 from the week before.


That’s how many House members voted for the budget deal last night that will reopen the government and raise the debt limit. Rep. Steve Daines (R.-Mont.) voted for the budget deal.

This probably means Daines wants to be seen as more moderate because he is running for U.S. Senate.


That’s how many Republicans in the U.S. House voted against opening the government and raising the debt limit.

Most of these Republicans can be classified as extremists.


The U.S. Senate passed a bill last night by a vote of 81-18 that reopens the government and increases the debt limit.

The 18 no votes were from Republicans.


According to a Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 78% would vote to get rid of the entire Congress and start over again.

The next election (2014) will be hard on incumbents.


According to Gallup, “Half of Americans today want the Affordable Care Act repealed or scaled back, down from 57% in January 2011. There has been essentially no change in the percentage of Americans who want the law expanded or kept as it is.”

Since the GOP shut down the Government, the Affordable Care Act has gained in popularity. Hopefully they will work together to make it better.


According to a new poll from Pew Research, “nearly half of the public (49%) has an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party, while 30% have a favorable opinion.”

I have an unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party…


According to the same Pew Research poll, “just 27% of moderate and liberal Republicans have a favorable impression of the Tea Party, down from 46% in June.”


The Federal Government was closed for 16 days.

No matter how they spin this, the Republicans lost pretty big during this shutdown. They got nothing from it except lower poll numbers. I wonder what right-wing radio and Fox News will talk about now that the monuments are open?


There are three teams that have not won a game in the NFL this season: the New York Giants, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville.


There are two teams that are 6-0 in the NFL: the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Go Chiefs! They play each other later this season (twice).