Changes in the Empire?

Fox News pretty much controls cable news, but there might be a crack in their armor. O’Reilly, Hannity, and Van Susteren pretty much destroy the competition in the evening on cable news. Even the replays of their earlier shows later in the evening normally beat the competition soundly.

So why tinker with a successful thing? Some believe Fox News is losing the all-important viewers between the ages of 25-54 and that is the reason for the change.

Fox News lost me years ago.

It appears that Fox News star Megyn Kelly is moving to primetime and will possibly take over the 9 p.m. (eastern) slot currently occupied by Sean Hannity. Nobody really knows where Hannity will go. I suspect that Van Susteren will move to another spot in the day, and Hannity will take her slot, but that is just my idea. It would make sense to put Kelly in between O’Reilly and Hannity. It would be a ratings bonanza for Kelly. Maybe Fox News needs more moderation during that time. Kelly would be more moderate than Hannity.  

I normally get my television news from MSNBC in the mornings – starting out with Morning Joe. Morning Joe has discussions, not shouting matches. The hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, are very knowledgeable about the issues whereas the folks on Fox at that time are not. Unfortunately, Morning Joe loses in the ratings to almost every other show – possibly even to local public cable access shows.

Frankly, I miss the Larry King days on CNN. When news broke during the day you could count on watching Larry that evening to get the whole story – and not with a slant. “Larry” was so well known that he was known by his first name.

I still miss Headline News. As I wrote back in 2010, “I miss being able to check the news and catch the headlines at the top and bottom of the hour, every hour, no matter if is 3:00 a.m., or noon. I miss the sports at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour.”

The days of live 24 hour news coverage with a real person (awake) giving us news appears to be a thing of the past. We now know if there’s major news breaking, then Wolf Blitzer will be on CNN telling us about it. Maybe he sleeps in an office just right down the hall from the studio.

Now there’s a new kid on the (news) block: Al Jazeera America. It started yesterday (August 20).

We’re a long way from the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite…





  1. It would appear that your liberal bias towards MSNBC also taints your perception of reality. Ratings are a direct result of the value recieved. FNC gives its audience views from both sides, MSNBC is strictly left in their view with no balance from the other side. If one wants to get an accurate view of the news, you need to get it from a variety of sources. While FNC supports a conservative bias, at least they give a better representation of the real world. AJA is just a joke in terms of any real journalism.

    Last summer I spent some time with my cousin, who is a retired news anchor from a major network, probably the most credible journalist to sit in that chair. We discussed what is going on in Washington and he said it is a real mess there with weak leadership. He is worried about the future of the country and if we can recover. The entitlement mentality is a real challange for our country.

    Not many of the newspeople speak to the man on the street. My cousin took the bus to work, not a limo, so he could talk to the real people and understand what they really thought.

    Today, people get selective news from multiple sources but they still lean to sites that support their bias. Not many seek alternative views to their own to gain a better perspective.

    For the record, I am a fiscal conservative with a dose of liberal sprinkled in. My advise to you is to change the channel more often and don’t forget to stretch.

    • Barry – Thanks for the advice. -JmB

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