“Anytime, All the Time”

“Anytime, All the Time” was one of slogans for CNN Headline News, but now very little time is dedicated on the CNN Headline News channel for hard news reporting.

I must confess that I am a news junkie. I watch the cable news networks off and on throughout the day and evening and follow several news organizations on Twitter. I have CNN and FOX News alerts sent to my Blackberry. I have several “Google Alerts” set up to follow issues and people.

But one thing I really miss is CNN Headline News or Headline News or CNN2 or whatever it’s called today. I miss being able to check the news and catch the headlines at the top and bottom of the hour, every hour, no matter if is 3:00 a.m., or noon. I miss the sports at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour. From 1982 until 2005 you could quickly catch the news and sports on your own time. Then you could go on with life.

Sometime in 2005 the leaders at CNN decided to go away from the 30 minute newscasts around the clock and try to be more like regular CNN, FOX News or MSNBC.

I don’t like it.

I don’t watch the opinion and pop-culture shows on the Headline News channel. Nancy Grace scares me. Joy Behar? No way. Showbiz Tonight? Nope. OK, Robin Meade is cute, but Chuck Roberts gave me my 30 minutes of hard news and sports without the cuteness. Roberts was the anchor on Headline news from 1982-2010. Chuck was like an old friend telling me the news I needed to know. I trusted Chuck.

I want headline news and sports in a 30 minute package again. I want my “Anytime, All the Time” Headline News. I think there’s a spot in the market for a 30 minute news show again. Are you listening CNN, FOX, and NBC?

Now, about the only time I can find the 30 minutes of Headline News is on the weekends. Susan Hendricks is the anchor on Saturday mornings. I have my coffee, read the paper and listen to Susan tell me what is happening in the world…in just 30 minutes. I like Susan. She is a friend just like Chuck was, except I don’t see enough of her.

Anytime, All the Time? Let’s go back to the good old days!