Where in the World is…Edward Snowden?

Over the weekend (and continuing today) the coverage of Edward Snowden reminds me of the old PBS show, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

He supposedly left Hong Kong for Russia and may be headed to Cuba or Ecuador for asylum.

In case you have not heard about Edward Snowden, he is a former National Security Agency contractor and CIA technician who is wanted by the United States for revealing classified secrets about our government’s surveillance program.

Snowden is also responsible for the newest round of jokes about the United States spying on its citizens…

Some people believe Snowden is a traitor and others believe he is a patriot. I have posted a poll at the end of this column asking that question – so let me hear from you.

Snowden was working in Hawaii and left there for Hong Kong. Over the weekend it was reported that he was heading to Russia. From there, he may be heading to Ecuador or Cuba for asylum. The Associated Press reported earlier today “A plane took off from Moscow Monday headed for Cuba, but the seat booked by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden was empty, and there was no sign of him elsewhere on board.”

The big question now is if Snowden is heading to Ecuador, can the United States stop him?

So, do you think former National Security Agency contractor and CIA technician Edward Snowden is a traitor or do you think he is a patriot for revealing classified material?





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1 thought on “Where in the World is…Edward Snowden?

  1. By the letter of the law, he is a Traitor. That is the simple answer. He broke his oath of employment and violated his contract. But when you look at it from the persepctive that our government is dishonest with us and what they are doing at the NSA is likely outside the law, then he is a Patriot.

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