The Sunday Message

Psalm 74:17 (NIV)
It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter.

Here we are – the summer of 2013. Wow!

At least one night during the summer I like to get out of town and away from the city lights and look at the stars and maybe catch the northern lights.

When I gaze into the sky I am always amazed at the stars. Here in Montana it seems you can see billions of them, it’s like I am looking deep into the universe. Sometimes I stop and thank God for his work because they are truly amazing.

So your mission this summer (if you chose to take it) is to take your family and friends and head to a remote area away from the city lights to look at the stars. Grab a blanket, a chair, and some mosquito spray. Enjoy it and remember God created that.

I’m giving my life to the only One
Who makes the moon reflect the sun
Every starry night
That was His design

-“Starry Night” by Chris August

Have a great week and have a great summer of 2013!


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