Where in the World is…Edward Snowden?

Over the weekend (and continuing today) the coverage of Edward Snowden reminds me of the old PBS show, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

He supposedly left Hong Kong for Russia and may be headed to Cuba or Ecuador for asylum.

In case you have not heard about Edward Snowden, he is a former National Security Agency contractor and CIA technician who is wanted by the United States for revealing classified secrets about our government’s surveillance program.

Snowden is also responsible for the newest round of jokes about the United States spying on its citizens…

Some people believe Snowden is a traitor and others believe he is a patriot. I have posted a poll at the end of this column asking that question – so let me hear from you.

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Petraeus: Skills and Talent

It’s complicated. It’s troubling. It’s starting to get really interesting – plus it’s soap opera juicy. I can’t wait for the movie and book.

And we don’t even know all the details yet.

On Friday when it was first disclosed that CIA Director (and retired four-star General) David Petraeus had resigned over an extramarital affair, I thought how dumb could a person be holding a very important position (then I thought about President Clinton). I normally feel sad for the wife and children of the man who has been caught cheating.

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