Wednesday’s Political Potpourri

Hang on – It’s Wednesday and the date is 12-12-12. Wow! The weekend is starting to come into sight!

Today several issues in the news caught my attention like the Welch recount, Outside groups, Montana Senate 2012, Boehner’s leadership, McConnell’s poll, TWW Poll Results, Daines listens, and much more!

No Recount:

The Associated Press reported Tuesday afternoon that, “Republican Sandy Welch abruptly dropped her request for a recount in the state schools superintendent race on Tuesday after failing to come up with $115,000 to cover the costs of the effort.”

The Montana Republican Party sent a press release saying, “The Montana Republican Party announced today that it had not raised sufficient money to post the bond for a recount in the campaign of Republican Sandy Welch for the Office of Public Instruction.”

No money for a recount? That’s hard to imagine. This is the election where just a few weeks ago we were seeing several outside groups spend $500,000 each for a few weeks of statewide television ads.

People and groups that could afford the measly $115k probably realized the count would not go their way (2,231 vote margin). Plus, the contest between Democrat incumbent Denise Juneau and Republican challenger Sandy Welch was not a top-tier race that drew a lot of attention.

Welch did run a surprisingly good race against Juneau, which would make her a frontrunner in 2016 if she decides to run for what will then be an open seat.

WTP/ATP Sanctioned:

If you’re still interested in secretive third-party groups and elections, then Lee Newspapers and the Associated Press published stories about Western Tradition Partnership (now called American Tradition Partnership) and their case against the state of Montana.

You can read the Lee Newspaper story HERE. If you are short on time, the Associated Press has a condensed version HERE.

These stories are not as exciting after Election Day…

Daines is Listening:

U.S. Representative-elect Steve Daines made an appearance in Great Falls on Tuesday to listen to a select group of individuals. The Great Falls Tribune has the story HERE.

I wonder if anyone asked Daines where he plans on having his offices located…

In Case You Missed It:

The U.S. Senate race between incumbent Democrat Jon Tester and Republican challenger Denny Rehberg was a record-setter with $47 million spent. The Associated Press (AP) reports, “The total spending translates into about $97 for every vote cast in the race.”

Some people would probably have liked the $97 sent to them in the mail…

The AP also reports that about $25 million came from outside groups. Rehberg and Tester both screamed about “outside groups” spending money against them.

This race was not as close as almost everyone thought it would be. With Tester winning by a little over 18,000 votes, the GOP should examine their campaign strategy, not to mention their Republican Party philosophy, before 2014. The Republican bench is not that deep with people to take on Senator Max Baucus, so unless Baucus is taken out by Brian Schweitzer in a primary or decides to retire, he is almost certain to win another term.

TWW Poll:

Yesterday I asked readers, “Do you think Congress and the White House will come to an agreement before the United States reaches the “Fiscal Cliff” on January 1, 2013?”

Here are the results:

No: 86%
Yes: 14%

Thanks to all who participated!

McConnell’s Poll Numbers:

In a recent Public Policy Polling poll, the leader of the U.S. Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), only gets 37% approval from Kentucky voters and 55% disapprove of him, which makes McConnell “the most unpopular Senator in the country.”

Read more about the poll HERE.

With McConnell and Boehner leading the Republicans, Democrats have to be smiling…

Boehner getting bad reviews:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Speaker of the House John Boehner is failing with his party and the voters in how he is handling the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

Just 24% of all voters approve of Boehner’s work while 54% disapprove. Republicans approve of Boehner’s work by just a 39%-37% margin.

President Obama receives a 47%-46% mark from all voters and the Democrats give approve of his work by a margin of 79% to 15%.

Unless he does something remarkable in the future, Speaker Boehner will go down as one of the worst Speakers in U.S. history.

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