Last Sunday the Denver Broncos visited Kansas City and whipped the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium 17-9. So far this season the Chiefs have one win and 10 losses, and they are currently the worst team in the NFL.

Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning threw for 285 yards which included two touchdowns and one interception. Chiefs’ running back Jamaal Charles carried the ball 23 times for 107 yards. Dwayne Bowe caught four passes for 41 yards.

After the game, the showers, and the interviews, a local television station (KCTV 5) caught Charles and Bowe acting like groupies waiting outside the Broncos’ locker room. Charles asked for Manning’s autograph, and Bowe asked to get his photo taken with Manning. They were both smiling and giddy when they were caught on video. Charles said the autograph was for his mother. He later posted a video with his mother showing the autograph and saying his mother wanted him to get it for his brother. Maybe it was for Christmas.

Nonetheless, the request for an autograph and photo is being talked about on sports shows and across the web.The Kansas City Star asked its readers if what Charles did was OK. About 85% said they were fine with it.

I’m all for players shaking hands and talking after a hard-fought game and showing good sportsmanship, but acting like a groupie sets a poor example for the fans and teammates.

The Denver Broncos are long-time division rivals. Chiefs’ fans and players should detest the Broncos and other teams in the AFC West (Chargers and Raiders). Charles and Bowe should understand that this is a different season – they are known across the NFL as losers – and Kansas City (with the Royals and Chiefs) is becoming known as “Loserville.”

I’m sure these multi-millionaires have agents and probably other people to do the little jobs like getting them an autograph.

Next week Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton comes to Arrowhead. In week 16, Andrew Luck comes in for a visit. Both teams will probably kick the Chiefs’ butts. I’m sure their autographs will be a hot item for Charles. Bowe should have his camera ready!

The 2012 Chiefs are a pretty undisciplined team that has lost its way (minus 21 in turnovers). It started when they hired head coach Romeo Crennel to lead the team. Besides losing all but one game this season, the Chiefs have lost many fans. The actions of Charles and Bowe don’t help.

As a Chiefs fan, I would like to see Charles and Bowe act like losing bothered them just a little more…

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