K.C. Chiefs: Dawson to Taylor…Touchdown!

“Quarterback Len Dawson hits Otis Taylor on a short pass, and Taylor turns it up field and scores from 46 yards out.”

That play sealed the victory for the Kansas City Chiefs who beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV, 23-7, and that was the last touchdown scored in a Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs. That game was played on January 11, 1970.

Today, Len Dawson is 77 years-old. Otis Taylor is 70.

As a kid growing up in rural Missouri not far from Kansas City, I completed that pass several times in my backyard (with my homemade Lenny Dawson jersey on). I have never ever strayed from the Chiefs being my favorite team, although it’s been tough lately.

This year the Chiefs are struggling with a 1-9 record. Their head coach (Romeo Crennel) had a losing record before he arrived in KC, and the General Manager (Scott Pioli) seems like he is in over his head. The owner (Clark Hunt) seems disinterested.

Chiefs’ fans are angry, so much so that a “Save Our Chiefs” group was created with a Facebook page that has 14,730 “Likes” and they say they are “dedicated to changing the culture at Arrowhead and returning a winning team to Kansas City.” Their Twitter account has an astonishing 80,697 followers. Oh, and planes fly over Arrowhead on game day with banners saying, “Restore Hope – Fire Pioli – SaveOurChiefs.com.”  

The SaveOurChiefs movement is gathering momentum and getting national attention. I salute them. Chiefs’ fans do deserve better.

On November 18, the Kansas City Star ran a paid obituary for Loren G. “Sam” Lickteig, who “passed away on Nov. 14, 2012 of complications from MS and heartbreaking disappointment caused by the Kansas City Chiefs football team.” God bless Sam and his family.

I told my wife to remember that obituary because I may die before the Chiefs get into the playoffs again, let alone win a playoff game…

Arrowhead Stadium (where the Chiefs play) is no longer considered a place where visiting teams are certain to lose. Sam Mellinger, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, informed readers on Monday that opponents visiting Arrowhead have an .889 winning percentage since last November. That’s a better percentage than some NFL teams have at their own stadiums. If my math is correct the Chiefs are winning at a .379 pace since Pioli took over as GM (through November 18, 2012). That may be a great batting average in baseball, but in football it’s another story…

Arrowhead might be a better place to catch a concert than watch football these days. One person told me that Arrowhead would make a good shelter from tornadoes because there haven’t been any touchdowns there for quite some time…

It was way back in the 1993 season when the Chiefs last won a playoff game. Joe Montana was the quarterback and Marcus Allen was the running back. They’ve made the playoffs six times since then – and lost the first game in all six appearances.

It’s time to start over with a clean slate! The Chiefs need a new GM and a new coach. The Chiefs will get a high draft pick and that should fall on the shoulders of a new GM. Pioli has fired two coaches since he took over in 2009 (Herm Edwards and Todd Haley) and what have we, the fans, received? This year we have 1-9 record and we are tied for the worst record in the NFL. Starting with a clean slate now will allow us to shop around and get key personnel in place for draft day 2013.

Clark Hunt – it’s time for you, as the Chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, to stop this madness and start making changes.

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