Super Bowl LII: Final Thoughts

As the “Hail Mary” pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski fell incomplete in the end zone with the game clock showing zeros, football season was officially over. The Philadelphia Eagles had just won their first Super Bowl with a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.

If you enjoy a lot of offense and little defense then Super Bowl LII was just for you. There was one punt in the whole game. One punt. The Eagles and Patriots combined for a total of 1,151 yards of offense. They scored points like a pinball machine.

Ironically, it was a defensive play – a sack of Tom Brady and his fumble that won it for the Philadelphia Eagles.

I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan. It was a former Chiefs coach (Doug Pederson) and a former Chiefs backup QB (Nick Foles) for the Eagles that won the Super Bowl. That was something that Andy Reid (former Eagles coach and current Chiefs coach) has never done. The Eagles got rid of Reid because he could not take them to the promise land. Remember that, fellow Chiefs fans.

It’s great for a city to win a big game. Overall it’s probably pretty good for the NFL that a new team won the Super Bowl. The Brady/Belichick haters could not take much more winning from them.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the game, the Philly fans decided to burn and destroy things while some were chanting “F–k Tom Brady” in reference to the Patriots quarterback — and “Big d–k Nick” in honor of Philly QB Nick Foles.

Stay classy Philly.

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Thursday Numbers

Congrats! We just about have old January beat once again. Hold on for one more day!

If you are a first-time visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about the State of the Union, Steve Daines, Ravalli County, Adolf Hitler, Dick Cheney, Mötley Crüe, Malmstrom AFB, Max Baucus, unemployment, Super Bowl records, Jerry Rice, Don Shula, Charles Haley, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly, and much more!

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K.C. Chiefs: Dawson to Taylor…Touchdown!

“Quarterback Len Dawson hits Otis Taylor on a short pass, and Taylor turns it up field and scores from 46 yards out.”

That play sealed the victory for the Kansas City Chiefs who beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV, 23-7, and that was the last touchdown scored in a Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs. That game was played on January 11, 1970.

Today, Len Dawson is 77 years-old. Otis Taylor is 70.

As a kid growing up in rural Missouri not far from Kansas City, I completed that pass several times in my backyard (with my homemade Lenny Dawson jersey on). I have never ever strayed from the Chiefs being my favorite team, although it’s been tough lately.

This year the Chiefs are struggling with a 1-9 record. Their head coach (Romeo Crennel) had a losing record before he arrived in KC, and the General Manager (Scott Pioli) seems like he is in over his head. The owner (Clark Hunt) seems disinterested.

Chiefs’ fans are angry, so much so that a “Save Our Chiefs” group was created with a Facebook page that has 14,730 “Likes” and they say they are “dedicated to changing the culture at Arrowhead and returning a winning team to Kansas City.” Their Twitter account has an astonishing 80,697 followers. Oh, and planes fly over Arrowhead on game day with banners saying, “Restore Hope – Fire Pioli –”   Continue reading

Super Bowl: MVPs, Rushing, Receiving, and Trivia

It’s only Tuesday and the Super Bowl seems so far away. So to get you ready for the big game, here is another column with information about the Super Bowl. Today I take a look at the Most Valuable Players, rushing and receiving leaders. Plus there’s a piece of trivia at the end to impress those people at your Super Bowl party! Continue reading

Super Bowl: QBs with Rings

With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s time to write about football again! It’s hard to mention the Super Bowl and not think about Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers. It’s also hard for me to think about Joe Montana and not think about the two seasons he played with the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the corner of my “man cave” is a 2’ x 3’ Sports Illustrated poster of Joe Montana…as a Kansas City Chief. Not too far from the poster, I have displayed a Fleer football card of Joe Montana…again as a Kansas City Chief.

Maybe Montana’s glory days were with the San Francisco 49ers (1979-1992), but he finished his playing days as a Chief (1993-94). Many people may remember that the town of Ismay, Montana, was unofficially renamed Joe, Montana, back in 1993.

The greatest game (in my humble opinion) Montana played for the Chiefs happened on Monday Night Football (MNF), October 17, 1994. Montana led the Chiefs to a victory over John Elway and the Denver Broncos. Elway had put the Broncos ahead with a little over a minute left, but too much time was left for Montana. Montana threw a TD pass with eight seconds left to give the Chiefs the victory. Right after the pass, MNF announcer Dan Dierdorf said, “Lord, you can take me now, I’ve seen it all.” Continue reading