Politics 2012: MT Governor, MT AG, Money, & Drunks

Welcome!  It’s a cool and rainy (kind of gloomy) Tuesday here at The Western Word (TWW) World Headquarters.  The gloomy weather kind of reminds me of some of the campaigns being run in the state this season!

I have some good news – In just 14 days the Primary Election will be over!  That’s at least enough time for Jon Tester’s campaign to release four more campaign commercials…

Today I write about Lunch at the Lake, loans to campaigns, outside money, drunk driving, clemency, 2014 fundraising, Booker’s damage control, and commencement speeches!  There’s a lot more so read on…

Lunch at the Lake:

The Steve Bullock for (Montana) Governor campaign sent me an e-mail yesterday with the subject, “Governor Schweitzer Invites you to Lunch at the Lake” where I can dine with Governor Brian & Nancy Schweitzer (along with a bunch of other people) and show my support for Steve Bullock and his running mate John Walsh.

I can be a “Guest” for $100, a “Friend” for $500, and a “Sponsor” for $1000.  I guess you can just drop your kids off for an afternoon of fun because they write, “Children Attend Free.”

The event is Sunday, June 3, 2012 from 12:00PM – 2:00PM at the Schweitzer’s Georgetown Lake Home and they will e-mail me directions when I RSVP.

MT Governor Fundraising:

I guess it’s just me being a practical person, but I think if you have to loan your campaign close to $100,000, to keep it afloat, then you are probably not going to win your primary.  After reviewing the fundraising amounts for the latest reporting period, that is about the biggest thing that stood out to me in the Montana Governor’s race.

The Helena Independent Record has the story HERE.

Outside Money:

The Helena Independent Record is also reporting, “A Washington, D.C.-area group that spent more than $30 million during the 2010 elections has spent more than $100,000 in support of Montana Attorney General candidate Tim Fox in his primary contest against state Sen. Jim Shockley.”

According to the story, the group is called, “Republican State Leadership Committee Inc.”

Yes, you read that correctly – “more than $100,000 in support of Montana Attorney General candidate Tim Fox.”

Shut – the – front – door!

Since the group is spending money my PayPal account is open…

Drunk Driving:

According to this story, “Bigfork attorney Todd Glazier was charged Monday with aggravated drunken driving after a breath test during a traffic stop in Missoula put his alcohol level at nearly three times the legal driving limit.”

Who is Todd Glazier?  The Associated Press reports that Glazier was the “lawyer who represented former Montana state Sen. Greg Barkus after a boating crash that injured U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg…”

This was not Todd Glazier’s first DUI arrest.  At the end of the article in the Missoulian, reporter Gwen Florio writes, “Glazier has a previous DUI arrest.  But the case was dismissed, in part because the arresting officer – a Montana Highway Patrol officer – was not available to testify.  He had been killed by a drunken driver.”

That is a pretty sad statement about drinking and driving in Montana.   

We are heading into summer – please don’t drink and drive (or drink and operate a boat).  Don’t get into a vehicle (or a boat) with someone who appears impaired.

What Will Brian Do (WWBD):

The big question facing Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is since the Montana Parole Board recommended that Canadian Ronald Smith be denied clemency, will the Governor grant or deny him clemency or do nothing at all before he leaves office.

Smith is on death row for the murder of two men in 1982.

Schweitzer likes publicity; so I doubt he will do nothing at all.  I predict he will deny clemency. 

2014 Fundraising:

Although the 2014 election season is a couple of years away, fundraising is not.  The Hill published a story today about Democrats who are hurting in fundraising for 2014.

But not Max Baucus – It’s reported that he has $3.1 million in the bank.

That’s a pretty good amount since he is not even in his election cycle yet.


While the Obama Campaign was going after Mitt Romney for the work he did at Bain Capital, Newark (New Jersey) Mayor Cory Booker (a Democrat) said on Meet the Press that Bain’s record shows its “done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses.”

The Republicans pounced.  According to this story, Booker is now doing damage control, but look for this to stick around for awhile…at least until November!

Commencement Speeches:

This is the time of year for commencement speeches!  NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams addressed the graduating class at George Washington University recently.

Williams spoke about politics being broken in this country and the lack of compromise these days in Washington, D.C.  He said that we would not have a Constitution if there wasn’t some compromise.

Williams also talks about his college days where he earned a grand total of 18 credits.

Catch the speech HERE.  It’s 19 minutes.

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