The Wednesday Read: Tester/Booker, Canada, Carson, & Guns

When one cow spies on another cow it’s called a steak out. – Unknown

It’s the last day of February and spring begins on March 20!

Today’s topics are:

  • Tester/Booker & Big Air
  • O Canada!
  • Ben Carson’s Furniture
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods


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Monday’s Quick Hits

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. – Mark Twain

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • Montana Democrats & Quist
  • Cotter – Still Complaining
  • This Week in Washington


Politics 2012: MT Governor, MT AG, Money, & Drunks

Welcome!  It’s a cool and rainy (kind of gloomy) Tuesday here at The Western Word (TWW) World Headquarters.  The gloomy weather kind of reminds me of some of the campaigns being run in the state this season!

I have some good news – In just 14 days the Primary Election will be over!  That’s at least enough time for Jon Tester’s campaign to release four more campaign commercials…

Today I write about Lunch at the Lake, loans to campaigns, outside money, drunk driving, clemency, 2014 fundraising, Booker’s damage control, and commencement speeches!  There’s a lot more so read on…


Thursday Numbers

Hello Thursday!  It is now officially OK to start daydreaming about the weekend!

If this is your first time visiting The Western Word (TWW), my Thursday Numbers column is where I take a look at the numbers mentioned in the news and provide commentary (often with just a touch of sarcasm).

NOTICE:  By reading this column, you will probably gain an untold amount of knowledge!  This information will probably impress your family, friends and co-workers, and it might even be life changing – consider yourself warned…

This week I write about Obama and Romney fundraising, Crossroads GPS, attack money in Montana, Christie and Booker, miles in Montana, important historical dates, sending in the clowns, candidates on my ballots, a little bit of Monica in my life, Greek yogurt, low ratings for Piers, and a bite with Mitt!  There’s a lot more so read on…


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