Montana Governor 2012: A Scandal!

One of the last things any of the Republican candidates for Montana Governor needed now that we are within 45 days until the June 5 primary is a scandal.  It appears that the Ken Miller for Governor Campaign got just that – call it an April surprise!

The Great Falls Tribune broke the story yesterday about the Miller campaign being accused of “misreporting funds, accepting campaign donations over the statutory contribution limits, accepting anonymous donations and failing to disclose certain campaign expenditures.”  The accusations were reportedly made by Miller’s former finance director, Kelly Bishop of Polson.

By the way, I applaud the Great Falls Tribune for breaking the story, and also I give the Tribune a high-five for actually showing the correct photo of Ken Miller this time.    

A couple things (in my humble opinion) came to mind besides thinking, “that sucks for Miller.”  First, maybe the Miller campaign has actually been “cooking the books” and second, maybe Ms. Bishop is just a disgruntled former employee.  It could be a little of both.

Nonetheless, this is not the publicity the Miller Campaign needed.  Miller is one of seven candidates running for the Republican nomination for Montana governor.

Since there’s a plethora of charges mentioned in the story (and probably) on the complaint, the chances of finding something that fits those charges on the campaign finance reports will be high.  If you gave me a couple hours to look through campaign finance reports for any campaign, I would find several discrepancies.

Supposedly, the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices is investigating this complaint.  If past performance is any indication, that office will conclude their investigation around January of 2014.

The other six Republican gubernatorial candidates probably cracked a smile when reading about Miller’s troubles as Miller is probably in the top half of the pack.  But then I bet a chill ran down their spines as they started wondering if any of their hired staffers and volunteers would turn on their master…

Some candidates are probably showing up this morning with donuts, juice, and coffee just to show their love for their staffers and volunteers.  There will be more pats on the back and one will hear “thanks” more often in campaign offices across the Big Sky today.

Meanwhile, the clock continues to tick down to the June 5 primary; we’re all wondering if there will there be more “surprises” before the big day…

2 thoughts on “Montana Governor 2012: A Scandal!

  1. Commissioner Jim Murry hopes for a decision BEFORE the June primary – that would be awesome!

    • Thanks! Since mail ballots go out sooner, the damage may already be done to Miller even if there’s nothing found. -Jack

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