Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

The weather may be getting colder all across the fruited plains, but it’s heating up in the political world.  More and more political ads are being released as we get closer to the 2012 Election and here at The Western Word (TWW) we’re searching for them every day.

Here at TWW we’re going to try to publish as many of them as we can find, so if you see a political ad, drop me an e-mail with the link to it (western_word@yahoo.com) so I can publish it – and we can all enjoy it.

Today we have six videos for your viewing pleasure!  I’ve posted videos from the U.S. Chamber about Sen. Jon Tester, one from Rick Perry about insider trading, one about Jon Huntsman’s leadership skills, one showing Newt Gingrich’s best lines, one about Ron Paul’s plans to stop the financial crisis and finally, one that tells us that Washington could learn a lot from a drug dealer!


1.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released a 30 second ad this week that will run in Montana telling us that Montanans can’t afford more big government and to call Senator Tester and tell him.

I wonder if Optimum Cable will pull this one…

Click to view the U.S. Chamber’s *ad> “Real Effects: Montana Senate

*Editor’s Note: The chamber’s embed code did not work, so just the link is posted.

2.  The Rick Perry Presidential campaign posted a 30 second ad on Monday that has Perry talking about insider trading and that Congress should pass a law banning it.  CBS’ 60 Minutes did a story about the issue on Sunday.

3.  The Jon Huntsman Presidential campaign has a one minute ad out with people talking very positive about him

4.  The Newt Gingrich Presidential campaign has an ad out (posted last month) that contains some of his best lines from debates and from the campaign trail.  It’s about two and a half minutes long.

5.  The Ron Paul Presidential campaign has a 30 second ad (posted last month) about Paul’s plan to stop the financial crisis.

6.  A group called “Washington could learn a lot” posted an ad a few months ago that was just too good not to post here at TWW.  It’s been viewed over one million times.  The group says that “Washington’s chronic overspending is just like a junkie’s addiction to drugs. Unless the cycle of addiction is broken, our economic and unemployment situation will continue to suffer. Washington is out of time.”

Amen to that.  Enjoy.

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