Common Core

Way back when I attended elementary school, my parents and I moved a lot, because my dad worked in the road and bridge construction industry.

Sometimes I would leave a school in March or April and attend a different school until June. I would then start school there in the fall and stay in that school until November. Then sometimes I would move back to the first school. I attended about seven schools in eight years. I was pretty much lost when I moved in regard to subjects like math because some schools moved through the lessons more quickly than other schools. Over the years I developed a total dislike for anything dealing with math.

So when I heard that a program called Common Core would set standards for each grade level, I thought that was pretty good deal – especially for parents who move a lot – like I did when I was young and like many military families do today.

If you’ve heard much about Common Core, it’s probably because some on the right side of the political aisle dislike it – it’s like they portray Common Core as the devil and children who are subjected to it will grow horns and have their intelligence zapped.

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MT Campaign 2014: Daines, Walsh, & Zinke

It was a tough weekend here in Western Word country. It snowed a little less than four inches on Sunday and, although it melted, it made for a gloomy Mothers Day.

To make matters worse, I did not get drafted or even called by any NFL teams during the draft this weekend (I had even “bulked up” some). This is something like the 30th year I have not been drafted…

There’s good news! I am here to write! Today I write about a Steve Daines campaign ad, and I write about Ryan Zinke earning a big endorsement. Plus, Gallup polling says we’re not that enthused about the 2014 elections.

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Monday Morning Politics

Oh…the long weekend has come to an end – and Christmas break seems so far away!

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Politics 2012: Campaign Ads

The weather may be getting colder all across the fruited plains, but it’s heating up in the political world.  More and more political ads are being released as we get closer to the 2012 Election and here at The Western Word (TWW) we’re searching for them every day.

Here at TWW we’re going to try to publish as many of them as we can find, so if you see a political ad, drop me an e-mail with the link to it ( so I can publish it – and we can all enjoy it.

Today we have six videos for your viewing pleasure!  I’ve posted videos from the U.S. Chamber about Sen. Jon Tester, one from Rick Perry about insider trading, one about Jon Huntsman’s leadership skills, one showing Newt Gingrich’s best lines, one about Ron Paul’s plans to stop the financial crisis and finally, one that tells us that Washington could learn a lot from a drug dealer!

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