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The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. ― David Icke

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Liberty Rally
  • Office of Public Instruction
  • One More Thing

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Graduation Does Matter

It was great to read the story from the Associated Press about Montana’s high school graduation rate increasing to 85.4 percent.

According to Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, this is the highest it’s been since the state’s Office of Public Instruction (OPI) began calculating the rate in 2000.

Last April the Washington Post reported that in 2012, the United States had reached its highest graduation rate in history, with 80 percent of students receiving a diploma in 2012.

Montana seems to be far ahead of the national average, and that should make all Montanans proud.

Students, parents, teachers, administrators, volunteers, school boards, OPI officials, and elected officials all deserve a pat on the back for improving the graduation rates Montana.

It’s a team effort.

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Common Core

Way back when I attended elementary school, my parents and I moved a lot, because my dad worked in the road and bridge construction industry.

Sometimes I would leave a school in March or April and attend a different school until June. I would then start school there in the fall and stay in that school until November. Then sometimes I would move back to the first school. I attended about seven schools in eight years. I was pretty much lost when I moved in regard to subjects like math because some schools moved through the lessons more quickly than other schools. Over the years I developed a total dislike for anything dealing with math.

So when I heard that a program called Common Core would set standards for each grade level, I thought that was pretty good deal – especially for parents who move a lot – like I did when I was young and like many military families do today.

If you’ve heard much about Common Core, it’s probably because some on the right side of the political aisle dislike it – it’s like they portray Common Core as the devil and children who are subjected to it will grow horns and have their intelligence zapped.

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Monday Morning Politics

Welcome to Monday Morning Politics!

This column is where I take a look at some of the political stories that caught my attention from the past weekend and put them in one place for my readers to see. I also provide some commentary!

Today in Monday Morning Politics I write about the missing fingers meeting, a recount, DUI, Montana Judges and matters, Marijuana laws, Fox’s first appointments, and much more so read on!

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Welch: Schools Deserve Better Support from OPI

Note:  The following opinion was submitted to The Western Word by Sandy Welch, Republican Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Welch’s contact information and campaign website are listed at the end of the column.

Candidates/Campaigns:  Want to get your press release or opinion piece published on TWW?  Sent it to TWW via e-mail at for consideration!  Publication does not necessarily mean endorsement.

Schools Deserve Better Support from Office of Public Instruction

Few things are more important to a community than well-run and locally controlled schools.  Virtually all school districts, along with teachers, parents, and community leaders, strive to provide the education and training our children deserve with less money than in times past.  While local communities band together, however, State Superintendent Denise Juneau and the Office of Public Instruction have proven themselves to be unreliable partners. Continue reading