Debates and Football

Gee whiz CNN – you should never schedule a CNN/Tea Party debate when there’s a super-duper double helping of Monday Night Football on.  C’mon man…what were you thinking?

CNN has the debate divided into four sections on their website.  So I watched it.  Today.  I nodded off during a Michele Bachmann tirade regarding Rick Perry and 12 year old girls. 

After a few minutes into the debate, I decided it was nothing but pick on the frontrunner night.  Rick Perry is the frontrunner (for September), so he was picked on.

But I was able to draw some conclusions!

There is at least one thing that Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ron Paul and I have in common:  We will not be elected President of the United States in 2012.

The chances aren’t looking too good for Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman.  Sarah Palin doesn’t have a shot, either, although she has not launched a campaign yet.

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I don’t think the citizens of the United States are too excited about Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, although I guess from what I see, they have the most legitimate chance of being the next President.

For my friends on the left, your candidate has a great shot, too.  Hillary Clinton will be a strong…just kidding…Barack Obama has just as good a chance at being re-elected as Romney and Perry have at being elected.

Realistically, it all depends on what the country looks like in 2012 – especially in August, September and October of 2012.  Voters have short memories.

I’m hoping that someone will step forward who has just a little Visa or Discover credit card debt, who owns just one home (with a mortgage), and owns only one vehicle that is at least five years old.  They also must promise that the first day in office they will sign an executive order saying that no presidential debates will ever happen again during Monday Night Football.

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2 thoughts on “Debates and Football

  1. I watched bits and pieces of the debate and came away with virtually the same thoughts you did. Most of the candidates just used their time to attack Rick Perry. The Social Security argument between he and Mitt Romney provided entertaining TV, but I don’t think it will carry much weight in the overall scheme of things. Santorum and Bachmann were especially aggressive, but I think it just goes to show they’re not ready for the Presidency.

    Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be choosing between the lesser of two evils in June and November again.

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