Super Max – Super Committee

Who’s the cat that won’t cop out…when there’s danger all about?  MAX!  Right On!

OK, maybe the theme song from Shaft goes a little too far in describing Montana’s Max Baucus and his career in the United States Senate – way too far – Baucus is really not cool at all.

Nonetheless, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has picked Montana’s Max and two other senate democrats (Patty Murray, John Kerry) for spots on the new Super Committee.  They will join nine others in cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal budget before Thanksgiving.  The Super Committee needs seven votes to pass anything – Max Baucus could easily be that seventh vote.

Baucus was “working” at a market in Billings on Tuesday when word came that he was Harry Reid’s man.  Baucus took time out from stacking the grocery shelves with yogurt to issue a statement saying, “I’m humbled to be appointed to the committee to help tackle this critical issue for Montana and the American people.”

Yada, yada, yada…

Of course, the Montana media went wild reporting the news.

The “Super Committee” idea is ridiculous.  The House and the Senate already have about 20-25 committees EACH to get their work done – and they have failed miserably over the past couple of years.  The senate has not passed a budget in over 800 days – and they have had a majority of democrats running the senate since 2007.

The rank and file Democrats have got to be just a little upset over the Baucus selection.   According to a story in the Great Falls Tribune:

The majority leader went on to describe Baucus as one “of the Senate’s most respected and experienced legislators” known for “forging strong bonds with Republican colleagues.

Those “strong bonds” are what anger many liberals/progressives who thought Baucus lacked a backbone during the health care debate.  Turncoat was one of the milder terms used to describe Baucus during that debate.

A poll released last November told us that even 53% of Montanans disapprove of the job Baucus is doing.  So now he’s a member of the Super Committee!

A new Gallup poll tells us that, “Six in 10 Americans say members of the new bipartisan “supercommittee” mandated to find new ways of reducing the federal budget deficit should compromise, even if the agreement reached is one they personally disagree with.”

Max Baucus will do just that – even if it means doing away with the principles his party stands for in the process.

You can probably bet that the Republican leader in the senate, Mitch McConnell, won’t appoint moderates Richard Lugar, Olympia Snow, or Susan Collins to the committee.

The Republican leaders in the House and Senate are probably thinking they have the seventh vote from Montana’s Max Baucus, so now they can appoint some hard-liners accordingly.

And the Democrats have to be thinking that the Thanksgiving turkey came just a little early…