Thursday Numbers

For the past several Thursdays, the staffers here at The Western Word (TWW) have come up with some numbers to let you know the pulse of America.  This week the numbers are kind of depressing – so be prepared!

Today we take a look at food stamps, unemployment, Spenditol views, vacations, some polls, a supercommittee, a camp in Montana for rich people, a set list, and much more so read on!


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that’s the number of people receiving food stamps as of May 2011 – looks like that is the most ever.

45.7 million people – very sad.


That’s the number of new claims for unemployment filed last week.  400,000 PEOPLE.

Some are your neighbors…some may even be your favorite blogger…  


That’s the approximate number of people who have stopped working because Congress could not come to an agreement and fund the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

We wouldn’t want Congress to impede someone from getting a paycheck, huh?


That’s the number of views the “Spenditol Montana” political video has so far (as of this morning).  Last week there were 17,433 views.  Watch it HERE.


That’s the President’s number today – he’s 50 years old!  Happy Birthday Mr. President!  Have a great time fundraising!


According to Gallup polling, 46% oppose the debt ceiling deal; 39% favor.


That’s approximately the number of days that the U.S. House is on vacation for their August recess.  The House will return to work on September 7.

We are safe for a month or so! 


That’s approximately the number of the days the U.S. Senate is on vacation for their August recess. The Senate will return to work on September 6.

We are safe for a month or so! 


According to Rasmussen polling, just 22% support the Debt Ceiling deal.


That’s the number of songs REO Speedwagon performed at the Montana State Fair on Tuesday night.

If you missed my column about the concert, you can read it HERE.


That’s the number of members that will be chosen to participate in the new “supercommittee” that was created by the Debt Ceiling deal.

This is not to be confused with the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform that already made recommendations.

And we thought the 535 members of the House and Senate had plenty of committees (budget, finance, etc.) that could handle the nation’s financial business.  This new committee will also need staffers, nice new stationery, pens, pencils, computers and a place to meet…

6 and 7:

August 6 and 7 are the dates for the annual Camp (Max) Baucus fundraiser here in Montana!  There will be fishing and horseback riding…

I wonder if there will be a tug of war or maybe some volleyball….


That’s the number of days the GOP pledged to have a bill on-line for review before they vote.  The debt ceiling bill was available to view for about 12 hours.



That’s the number of Montana blogs that made The Washington Post (The Fix’s) best state-based political blogs in 2011:  Intelligent Discontent and Montana Cowgirl.

Congrats to both.

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