Wednesday’s Odds & Ends

A politician is a man who understands government. A statesman is a politician who’s been dead for 15 years. – Harry S Truman

Welcome to Wednesday! When there are several stories out there that I want to comment about, I combine them into an “Odds & Ends” or “potpourri” column. Today is one of those days!

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The “Odds & Ends” today include these topics:

  • Great Falls International Airport
  • Rasmussen & Planned Parenthood
  • Gallup: Rating Congress
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • Seahawks/Lions
  • Jason Whitlock

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Thursday Numbers

For the past several Thursdays, the staffers here at The Western Word (TWW) have come up with some numbers to let you know the pulse of America.  This week the numbers are kind of depressing – so be prepared!

Today we take a look at food stamps, unemployment, Spenditol views, vacations, some polls, a supercommittee, a camp in Montana for rich people, a set list, and much more so read on! Continue reading