Thank You, Dallas!

Back on May 31 (the day the NBA Finals began) I wrote that I wanted “to see the Dallas Mavericks put an end to the Miami Heat’s run (purchase) of an NBA Championship.”

So thank you, Dallas Mavericks, for finishing off the Miami Heat in six games.  Now we can get on with summer!

In the last few days, you’ve probably read or watched people in the sports world talk or write about “the Big 3” (James, Wade and Bosh) and their failure during the NBA Finals. I waited before writing anything because I kind of wanted to savor the moment – sit back, read and watch from afar and see how the world handled the massive failure of the Miami Heat.

They did say they would win multiple championships….

I also wanted to see how the self-perceived “dynasty” reacted.

A few minutes after the game, we got a chance to see the real LeBron James where he said that people will have the same lives they had before they woke up…

About the time he said that sentence I started thinking he should stop and think of Forrest Gump saying, “I’m not a smart man…” and just shut up and drop his attempt at being a philosopher – somewhat acting like he was Yogi Berra (only Yogi is well-liked).

And then LeBron added that our personal problems that were there before will still be there and that he has a happy life and he will live it the way he wants to.

Huh?  This is basketball, not a Psychology 101 course.  You can watch the whole thing HERE.

I thought he would then close the press conference by saying, “nah, nah, na-nah, nah.”

Yeah…but you still don’t have a ring, LeBron, and nobody is telling jokes about getting change from us for a dollar and only getting 75 cents because we don’t have a fourth quarter or that in honor of us everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early (the length of a quarter in basketball) – those jokes are about you, LeBron.

LeBron James may win several championships as he is only 26 years old.  He may even be liked and admired by the general public down the road (maybe in a decade or more).

Besides learning how to finish in a big game, we can only hope he learns some humility along the way.

Now I need to go back to working on those problems that were there before LeBron lost the NBA Finals…