Thursday Numbers

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If you are a first-time visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with sarcasm) just to make you smile, shake your head, or make you send me nasty e-mails or Tweets.

This week I write about the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Daines, John Walsh, voter turnout, KPAX TV, Belmont Stakes, God, Smokey Bear, Super Bowl, Brad Johnson, Judge G. Todd Baugh, unemployment, Julia Collins, Montana Republican Party, Ryan Zinke, Ravalli County, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, first debate, relatives, and much more!

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Thursday Numbers

Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” If you are a new visitor, this is my weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes with a little sarcasm).

PLEASE NOTE: If you read this column you may be able to use the information to impress your family, friends, and co-workers. Then again, when they find out that you spend your time reading blogs they may not be too impressed…

This week I write about the Fort Peck Dam, mineral payments, mud snails, unemployment, the Montana Legislature and Medicaid, Day 67, Drones, Hotel Finn, Iconic, Miami Heat, Lady Gaga, Baby George, hunting at Walmart, and the urinal gaming system!

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Caught My Eye…

NOTE: This is my 100th “Caught My Eye” column! I am sure letters will be forthcoming from the President and elected officials congratulating me.  Nonetheless, enjoy the 100th edition of Caught My Eye…

Woohoo – we made it to Friday – Congratulations!  If you read one thing today, this column has to be it!  You want to slide into your weekend armed with knowledge and a smile, don’t you?

If this is your first time visiting The Western Word (TWW), the “Caught My Eye” column is posted every Friday morning right here!  Here is where I take a quick look at some of the stories I did not have time to write or comment about during the week – and I often throw in a touch of sarcasm just to make you smile…

ADVISORY: Before proceeding please understand that everyone and everything is fair game…

Today I write about the Rehberg no-show, Pearl Jam tickets, Trib v. KRTV, Independent, GOP Witch Hunt, Term Limits, FarmVille, More Outhouse, I share the contents of my political inbox, and much more!

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Thank You, Dallas!

Back on May 31 (the day the NBA Finals began) I wrote that I wanted “to see the Dallas Mavericks put an end to the Miami Heat’s run (purchase) of an NBA Championship.”

So thank you, Dallas Mavericks, for finishing off the Miami Heat in six games.  Now we can get on with summer!

In the last few days, you’ve probably read or watched people in the sports world talk or write about “the Big 3” (James, Wade and Bosh) and their failure during the NBA Finals. I waited before writing anything because I kind of wanted to savor the moment – sit back, read and watch from afar and see how the world handled the massive failure of the Miami Heat.

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Dear Dallas: Only You Can Stop the Madness

With just a few hours before the tip-off of the NBA Finals I, along with several (shall I say million) other fans, want to see the Dallas Mavericks put an end to the Miami Heat’s run (purchase) of an NBA Championship.

It may be too late.  I was pulling for the Heat to lose in the first round and then I would have loved to hear the cries of “They are a bust” rolling in from around the country.  But they did not lose.  They also beat my Boston Celtics and made them look old during the Eastern Conference semifinals.

So here we are just a few months after Jame$, Bo$h and Wade decided to $tick together to win an NBA Champion$hip and they are only four games away from succeeding and doing irreparable harm to the NBA.

Somewhere Jordan, Bird, and Magic are thinking “What if we…?”

If the Miami Heat succeed in winning the championship, we can look forward to seeing several trios of players putting together packages to sell – we may see it happen in Middle School, High School and College, too.

Full Disclosure:  During my eighth grade intramural basketball draft, I told two really good players to go home and I would put their names on the draft board and draft them – a package deal.  We won the eighth grade intramural championship that year because nobody knew these players were good – so they did not draft them.  I always felt bad about that just as James, Bosh and Wade will if they win the NBA Championship.

We’ll also probably end up seeing some of these “great players” start their own cable/satellite channel to sell their deal (a la The Decision) because ESPN received some big ratings for the show (and lost some credibility).

It was self-serving to say the least and LeBron made Clevelanders cry…and forget Elway.

So Dallas, it is up to you to put an end to this madness.

I’ll be cheering for Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and the boys to win it all.  I want to see little Jose Barea slice and dice through the Miami players and be like a piece of jello when cornered. I want to see Jason Terry and Peja Stojakovic rain threes like a thunderstorm on the Texas Plains.

And yes, I want to see Dallas owner Mark Cuban get his ring.

I also want to see Clevelanders smile…

The 2010-11 NBA Finals airs on ABC starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time.


I’d bet some NBA fans are feeling a little hung over this morning after the LeBron James/ESPN dog and pony show last night. I know I am.

It was kind of like waiting for Christmas morning and when all the gifts were opened, you look around and ask yourself, “What now?”

For those of you who don’t follow the NBA, LeBron James decided he would go to the Miami Heat to play basketball. He announced his decision during a special hour-long show on ESPN. The ratings for the show were great.

Breaking News:

Meanwhile, here in the real world: There’s an oil spill in the gulf that may never end. There are two wars going on, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Our unemployment is still too high and, oh yes, our country is broke.

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