Box of Rocks

Here at The Western Word (TWW) we poke a lot of fun at the Montana Legislature for the circus atmosphere displayed in Helena.  We love to write about some of the dumb things the legislators do and some of the silly bills they introduce.

It seems Montana Legislators are not highly-educated, either.  According to this story which is based on a report from the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Montana has some of the least-educated legislators in the country…”

Many of us already knew that.  I’ve heard Montanans compare some members of the legislature to a box of rocks.

The report goes on to tell us:

…that 20 percent of Montana’s 150 legislators had no college education, which placed it 49th on the list, with Arkansas, where nearly 25 percent of legislators never went to college, finishing 50th.

Yep, you read that correctly: Arkansas.  Montana is just ahead of Arkansas!  OMG!!!!

The report also told us that “California had the highest percentage (90 percent) of legislators with at least four-year degrees, followed by Virginia (89 percent), Nebraska (88 percent), New York (87 percent) and Florida (86 percent).”

But at least Montana has a balanced budget…