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Caught My Eye is where I take a look at some of the stories during the week that I did not have time to write about, and I briefly comment about them (sometimes with a little sarcasm).

This week some of the things that Caught My Eye were a Facebook sting, Facebook tattoo, Schweitzer and Baucus, Schweitzer and China, Iowa and Romney, Gingrich, Weiner, Blago, Palin, my political inbox and much much more (plus a music video at the end)!

So read on and have a great weekend!

Facebook Sting:

According to Gawker Media, “38-year-old David Voelkert thought he was chatting with a cute 17-year-old girl on Facebook about his plans to track down and kill his ex-wife. Turned out to be his ex-wife.”

Ouch.  Read the story HERE.

Facebook Tattoo:

According to UPI, “A video depicting a girl receiving a tattoo with pictures of her 152 Facebook friends is…”

You can read the story and watch the video HERE.

Schweitzer v. Baucus

The Capitol Hill publication Roll Call did a story about Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) taking on six-term U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D) in 2014.  You can read the story HERE.

Baucus is weak right now, but 2014 is a long time off and the rumors are that Schweitzer and Baucus are not exactly best buddies – I’ve heard it goes back to the John Morrison versus Jon Tester senate primary in 2006.  Morrison was a Baucus man, Tester was a Schweitzer man.

Also, Schweitzer craves the spotlight and he would be only one of one hundred in the Senate.  I’m sure he could carve out a spot for (make a fool of) himself though…

Schweitzer and China:

I’ve not heard much from Governor Schweitzer, who many say abandoned his state in the midst of a natural disaster to take a junket to China.  I think this is the end of his first week on the trip.

I’ve heard that in the land of China, people hardly got nothing at all. No possessions. And in China they never go to church. No religion too.  At least that is what I learned from watching Forrest Gump…

Romney to Skip Iowa:

Reports say the Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will skip Iowa’s straw poll this August.  You can read the story here.

I lived in Iowa, so I can understand why Romney would want to skip it in August…

Palin E-Mails:

According to the Associated Press, “Alaska is scheduled to release more than 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s emails Friday from her first two years as governor, providing a glimpse into how she led the state as her national political profile rose.”  You can read the story HERE.

Of course e-mails sent on a government computer are supposed to only deal with government business, but I guarantee that any e-mails obtained from any elected official will break that rule a few times.


In what has been a total waste of taxpayer money, Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is waiting for a jury to decide his fate (for a second time).  Good grief.


In Washington it’s funny to watch elected officials turn against one of their own like that person is a wounded animal or something.  That happened with Anthony Weiner.  He says he will not resign.

Weiner is now becoming the underdog.  A poll shows most of the folks in his district (which is what matters most) do not want him to resign.

We all make mistakes…


There are a few job openings on the Gingrich Presidential Campaign today after several advisors resignedHis chances were slim to none before these resignations. Now slim has even left town…


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My Political Inbox:

Frequent visitors to The Western Word know that I get a lot of e-mails from candidates, political parties, and groups.  Often I share these with my readers.  The Rehberg and Tester campaigns kept me busy this week.  This is fun to watch.  Here are a few of my favs:

-On Monday I received an e-mail from Preston Elliott, Campaign Manager for Jon Tester, with the subject, “Not funny, Dennis” and he writes, “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A Congressman walks into Montana and says he’ll protect Medicare. Then he goes to Washington and votes to destroy it.  It’s not funny — it’s just Dennis Rehberg.”

Whichever candidate can sell the story about the other one killing Medicare will get a lot of votes from seniors.

-A few hours later on Monday, I received an e-mail from Erik Iverson, Campaign Manager for Denny Rehberg, with the subject “Lets [sic] set the record straight” and he writes, “Denny Rehberg is the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation who has consistently voted to protect Medicare for our seniors. Sadly for Montana’s seniors, Jon Tester is the only candidate for United States Senate in Montana to have voted to cut Medicare. In fact, Tester voted to cut Medicare by a staggering $500 billion.”

It was nice to see Rehberg fighting back for a change…

-Also on Monday, the Montana Democratic Party sent an e-mail with the subject, “ACTION ALERT: Caption Contest: Dennis Rehberg’s lackluster campaign kickoff” where they write, “Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg kicked off his campaign with a sparse turnout in Billings, his hometown, this weekend. Maybe his votes against Medicare and for tobacco are not popular in his hometown.”

One idea for a caption was “Picnic Tables Rally for Rehberg Campaign” which got a chuckle from me.

-A few hours later, Denny Rehberg posted a photo on his Facebook account and linked it on Twitter saying, “Dems said I had no one at my kick off BBQ, check out the pics on Facebook and judge yourself…”

Who is the winner here?  Let’s go to the press:  The KULR 8 reporter said “dozens of supporters showed up” so we will let that be the final answer…

The Video of the week (for some reason this song is stuck in my head):

Most Important Thing to Remember this week:

Don’t forget to stretch….

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