Thursday Numbers

Every Thursday unemployment numbers are released from the U.S. Department of Labor.  We’ve kind of become insensitive to the number of unemployed people in the country – especially since we may not know any of the 400,000+ people who are unemployed.

But we are out there among you.

By the way, today’s new unemployment claims rose to 427,000 people.  PEOPLE.  These are new claims.  If you have stopped filing claims and still not found a job you then you are not counted.  The national unemployment rate is about 9.1%.  If you are a Veteran, then your unemployment rate is much higher.

The biggest thing talked about when these unemployment numbers are released is if it continues will President Obama be re-elected or will the Democrats retain control of the senate or will the Republicans keep the House.

They have forgotten about the people.

Last night on the CBS Evening News I caught a story and the news was not that promising: The average length of unemployment in the U.S. is growing. The precipitous job loss of the current recession hasn’t been followed by a rebound like in previous crises — and many people have been out of work for two to three years…”

You can watch the video HERE.