Six Days…

The last two weekends have given us plenty of NFL Football. Eight games over two weekends. Now, we are winding down and there are only two games next weekend.

Sunday. It seems to so far away. That’s when the next football games will be played. It’s the Packers at the Bears and the Jets at the Steelers.

But that is six days away. There will be a lot of “talk” before Sunday. My bet is most of it will come from the Jets. They just beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is successive weeks so the Jets have that right.

The Jets beat the Steelers 22-17 on December 19 in Pittsburgh. The Bears and the Packers split their NFC North meetings both winning at home. They played each other on January 2 in Green Bay, with the Packers winning 10-3. That Packer victory clinched a playoff spot for them.

There are still a couple of questions from Sunday’s games:

What the heck was Tom Brady sniffing from the Gatorade cup just before kickoff? I think it was some sort of ammonia tablets, but many folks would like to know.

And, why did Packers QB Aaron Rodgers not take a few seconds to autograph the hat of the cancer patient (dressed in pink) who was waiting for him at the airport? Supposedly she had just come from chemotherapy.

Thankfully, Clay Matthews did. In listening to Matthews talk to the cancer patient, it seemed the team had been briefed that she would be waiting for them. That’s not good public relations on Rodgers’ part.

Anyway, mark your calendars: The Bears host the Packers at 1:00 p.m. (Montana time) on Sunday. Fox has this game. The Steelers host the Jets at 4:30 p.m. (Montana time). CBS has that game.

The winners are Super Bowl bound. The Super Bowl will be played at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, February 6. That game starts at 4:30 p.m. (Montana Time). Fox has the game.

My picks for the Super Bowl will come later this week. Back in September, I predicted the Ravens and the Saints would be there. That’s why they play the game and that’s also why major college football is so messed up. Someone tweeted after Sunday’s game that if the BCS controlled the NFL, the Falcons and the Patriots would be playing the Super Bowl…

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  1. My “better half” predicted the Packers in the SB a few weeks ago……what did he know that we didn’t? A smart man he is! CHEESEHEADS RULE!

    • It was a lucky guess…the Packers made it into the playoffs on the last day. He should have bet big… -Jack

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