Caught My Eye…

January is moving very slowly. I hate this month. It must be the cold weather and frozen tundra I see out my back door.

Rest assured faithful readers, it has not prevented me from completing another edition of the (almost) award-winning “Caught My Eye.”

For the new readers out there, this weekly column is where I take a quick look at some of the stories that I did not have time to write about during the week. Sometimes I add a little sarcasm in my comments.

So grab a cup of coffee and relax – this week’s edition of Caught My Eye is right below the jump.

I Want My MTV:

Always on the cutting edge and moving swiftly, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has banned the 1985 Dire Straits song, “Money for Nothing” from the airwaves due to a complaint filed by a listener on February 1, 2010. The listener was offended by some “anti-gay” lyrics in the song. Here’s the report. For those of you who have the song stuck in your head now, click HERE. Oh Canada…

Wolf Hunter Bullies:

The Montana Legislature never disappoints those of us who need a good laugh. Like I have written before, it’s a three-ring circus in Helena for 90 days and the circus is just beginning.

Now there’s a bill being introduced that reportedly makes it illegal to cyber-bully a hunter. I guess some hunters were bullied during last year’s wolf hunt.

A Bowl Game I Missed:

The sports networks did not do a very good job in covering this game: “The Norton Anti-Virus Online University Bowl.” Here’s a clip of the game. It was a defensive struggle…

Double Dare Ya…Ralphie:

The old “my brother dared me” to stick my tongue on the pole story.

Women Fighting:

Women are nasty fighters. If you don’t believe this, watch this video. Check out the wigs, extenders, and other various things on the ground at around the 2:10 part of the video (Note: Rated PG-13).

America’s Snowiest Cities:

I was thinking Buffalo, New York, would be number one. I was wrong. Check out this STORY. I wonder if they have snow removal plans in those cities…

Ticketed…and in elementary school:

A Texas elementary school hands out tickets instead of detention. Hmmm. It will probably go the way of spanking…


Have you met the new German star? She’s a cutie! It’s Heidi the cross-eyed opossum!


The fox got the last word (or shot) in this scuffle. Amazing! Read the story HERE.

Bond. James Bond:

Word is there is a new Bond movie coming! Can you name on the Bond girls? The Daily Caller has a slideshow for your viewing pleasure!

New York Football:

New York takes their football seriously. Here’s a pic from the New York Post about the upcoming Jets/Patriots game this weekend.

My NFL Picks for this weekend:

Steelers over the Ravens

– Willis McGahee can shove his “tomahawk chop (that he tormented the Chiefs fans with last week) where the sun doesn’t shine.

Seahawks over the Bears

-This is a big game and Jay Cutler does not win big games.

Packers over the Falcons

-I hope the Packer lose (it’s a Favre thing), but they have a running game now, so watch out. Someone needs to wipe the smile off Aaron Rodgers face, too…

Patriots over the Jets

-With all the talk and hype from the Jets, it’s time to for the Patriots to shut them up for the season. At the end of the game, Tom Brady can look over at the Jets bench and pump his fist, too…

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