“…and the home of the…


As an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, this season has exceeded my expectations. If we go no further than the first round of the playoffs, then it has been a great season.

Ok, those last two lines were just a little bit too nice.

Try this: Take that Chargers, Broncos and Raiders – your seasons end on Sunday and we get to play at least one more game – we get some of the limelight! We are in the big show and you aren’t.

Take that you dipsticks on ESPN and the NFL Network who talk down about the Chiefs – the Kansas City Chiefs are AFC West Champions! The AFC West Champions shirts and hats are printed and they say “Kansas City Chiefs” on them. Eat that for breakfast…

OK, now I feel better.

The fans of the Chiefs all across the world deserve a winning season. Kansas City deserves a winning team! We’ve been down. We’ve been laughed at. Some of the fans would not wear Chiefs gear in public – it was that bad. Chiefs gear given as Christmas gifts were thought of as gag gifts…and the gear was re-gifted. For a few years, the best football team in Missouri was the Mizzou Tigers followed by the Chiefs and then the Rams. There was talk of making Arrowhead a shelter for people to go when there were tornado warnings in the Kansas City area because there had not been a “touchdown” there in years…

Now, we are contenders…

I thought going into this season that the Chiefs would be better, but I never thought we would get to 10 wins. Sure, we were playing a schedule designed for a 4-12 team, but this is the NFL and you never know what you’re going to get.

From 2007 to 2009, the Chiefs won 10 games. We’ve won 10 games so far this season. But the Chiefs fans are loyal – always ranking in the top half of the league for attendance.

By the way, the Kansas City Chiefs play football on real grass. They also play outside. You can smell the barbecue from the parking lot inside the stadium.

Arrowhead is alive again. It all started on the first Monday night of the season when ESPN decided they would like to see the Chiefs get beaten by the Chargers because everyone knew the Chargers were Super Bowl bound. I predicted the Chiefs would win that game and they did.

This season has been a step – just a step to bring competitive football back to Kansas City. The “New Arrowhead” is ready for a home playoff game (the first since January 2004) – and the 76,757 fans who will be attending are more than ready, too. We have not won a playoff game since 1994. Ouch.

It’s also been a long time since January 1970 – when the Chiefs were Super Bowl Champs.

Now you can cue up Aerosmith’s Dream On…