Just Football…

There are lots of big games coming up this next weekend for your viewing pleasure and much to talk about from last weekend’s game.

College Football Playoffs

Yes, there are playoffs at every level of College Football except the major college level. It’s nice to see National Champions decided through a playoff system instead of on paper!

Eastern Washington:

Congrats to the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Eagles team! They beat North Dakota State University (NDSU) last Saturday to head to the semi-finals. NDSU had beaten the Montana State Bobcats in the playoffs. EWU will host Villanova on Friday night in a semifinal game. The game is scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN2 at 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).

The bad news is that EWU’s outstanding all America running back Taiwan Jones has a fractured foot and is not expected to play Friday night. Jones carried the ball 20 times for 230 yards against NDSU.

Carroll College:

Montana’s best college football team, the Carroll College Fighting Saints, are once again playing for the NAIA National Championship. They will play Saturday against Sioux Falls (SD) in Rome, Georgia. According to this article, the game starts at 2:30 p.m. (Mountain Time) and will be broadcast on CBS College Sports.

Hopefully the local CBS stations or some local station will broadcast it for all of Montana to see.


Are you ready for the College Football bowl season? Get your refrigerator stocked! Get new batteries in your remote control! Say goodbye to the wife and/or husband and kids (you can take some time off for Christmas because there are no bowl games that day).

It all starts on Saturday with three games. It ends January 10 with the mythical National Championship game. Here’s the list.

Professional Football

AFC West:

The Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) still lead the AFC West by one game even after not showing up in San Diego to play the Chargers Sunday. The Chargers won 31-0.

I tweeted that Chiefs head coach Todd Haley should make the Chiefs watch the game film on the way back to Kansas City Sunday night. It was a bad showing by the Chiefs.

But there’s good news!

The Chiefs control their own destiny. If they win out, they are AFC West Champs. They also don’t leave the state of Missouri for their remaining three games. They play at St. Louis and then host Tennessee and Oakland. The Chiefs have not lost at home this season. After their other blowout this season (to the Broncos) the Chiefs went on a three-game winning streak. It would be nice to see them repeat this!

Plus, it’s nice that Chiefs are actually in the playoff talk this year – this season has been better than most people imagined. Chiefs’ gear is now on many Christmas gift lists again! It’s cool to wear their gear in public again…

As for the Chargers (7-6), they are up and down this season – kind of like playing around – they host the 49ers Thursday night and the Niners looked pretty good in their victory Sunday over the Seahawks. The Chargers close out their season on the road against the Bengals and the Broncos. The Chargers need put together some wins and hope someone beats the Chiefs.

The Raiders (6-7) gave Jacksonville a good game, but ended up losing. They need lots of help to make the playoffs.

The Broncos (3-10) showed nothing new in their beat down by the Cardinals.

Other NFL Observations


The Vikings are in need of a new stadium! Maybe just tear the roof off, plant some real grass, and play some real football???

The Vikings are still in the playoff hunt, but they need lots of help. With the Packers and the Bears both losing on Sunday, the Vikings still have a heartbeat. God bless Brett Favre…


The Jets cheated. If you don’t know the name Sal Alosi, you may never know him because he may be fired. He’s the Jets’ coach who tripped a Dolphins player who was running along the sideline covering a punt.

The NFL needs to come down hard on Alosi. Who knows what else could happen if they let this slide.


Eagles head coach Andy Reid needs to invoke some discipline on WR DeSean Jackson for his antics while scoring a touchdown. I miss the days when a player who scores a TD hands the ball to the referee and heads to the bench. Com’on man!

Fox Broadcasting Crew:

OK, Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they made a big mistake in thinking the Redskins were given a fifth down. They really weren’t.

It just goes to show, these fellows can count to five, but they sometimes make mistakes getting there…

Fifth downs are somewhat like sticking a knife in my side because I am a Missouri fan and watched in utter disbelief when Colorado was given a fifth down in a game against Missouri in 1990. Ugh!

Enjoy the games! Don’t forget to stretch…