BCS: They Did It Again

It seems just about every year I write about the upcoming college football bowl games with disappointment. This year is no different.

I am in favor of a playoff system for major college football, but they don’t have one and since they don’t have playoffs, it would be nice if they made the five BCS bowl games more interesting.

There are three undefeated teams going into the bowl season, Auburn, Oregon and TCU. TCU was left out of the championship game. So there’s a chance we’ll have two undefeated teams at the end of the bowl season.

The BCS bowl games are the five “big money” games in college football. One would hope the top 10 teams would play each other in these five BCS games: one versus two, three versus four, and so on. Not so fast my friend…there’s money involved and conferences have deals with bowl committees and that is where it is all screwed up.

You can read the selection criteria HERE (especially if you want to be put to sleep).

Last year, the BCS distributed about $142 million to the conferences from the five BCS Bowl games. This year it will be even more because of the new television deal.

By getting into a BCS Bowl game, each team will get about $17 million. You can read the payouts for each bowl HERE.

TCU, ranked #3 in the BCS, does not play #4 (Stanford). TCU plays #5 Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Stanford plays #13 Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Yes, #13. Ohio State (#6) plays #8 Arkansas in Sugar Bowl. Probably the most ridiculous game is where #7 Oklahoma plays an unranked BCS team (Connecticut) in the Fiesta Bowl. Connecticut (8-4) is not even in the top 25 BCS rankings.

The big losers in the BCS Bowls are #9 Michigan State (11-1) and #10 LSU (10-2). They were passed over for #13 Virginia Tech (11-2) and unranked Connecticut (8-4).

The Executive Director of the BCS was quoted saying, “Once again, the BCS has delivered. It has matched the number one and number two teams in the championship game, while delivering outstanding matchups featuring eight other top teams from around the country. It’s also preserved the most exciting and dynamic regular season in all of sports.”

No you didn’t.

Of course, I will be watching because I enjoy football. I just wish the games (besides the BCS National Championship game) meant something. Nobody, with the exception of the players and the fans will remember who won the Fiesta Bowl in a few weeks…but if that was a playoff game we just might.

It all starts December 18 and ends January 10. Click HERE to see a list of bowl games with times, rosters, records, and which channel is carrying the game (scroll down the page toward the bottom).