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Nothing like a little Friday morning with 5-6 inches of “wet snow” to get the day started – and get your workout in, huh? For those of you reading this from some sunny or tropical place, there’s a ton of snow on the ground here in Montana. OK, it only seems like a ton when I am shoveling it!

So come visit Montana, ski, snowmobile, make snow angels and spend your money…

For the new visitors, “Caught My Eye” is posted every Friday and it’s a look at some of the stories that caught my eye during the week that I did not have time to comment about – and sometimes I add just a little sarcasm to my commentary.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the read. The snow shoveling can wait…

A Flag for Great Falls, Montana?

Great Falls Mayor Michael Winters thinks the city needs a flag. The Great Falls Tribune conducted a poll and 67% of those taking part said no.

In checking out the comments of the Tribune website related to the story, someone with the moniker “nheffel” added:

“The flag should have a field of blue, enblazoned [sic] with 12 potholes, a casino sign and a decaying old bridge on it!”

That’s funny. Casinos do dot the Great Falls landscape. That’s sad.  There are way too many in my humble opinion…and no slot machines….tragic.

One would think with all the tax revenue gambling supposedly creates for the government we could have stop or yield signs at each intersection or better snow removal….read on….

Snow Job:

One of the local television stations did a story about snow removal in Great Falls. Being someone who used to do snow removal in another city, I can honestly say the Great Falls snow removal process is terrible. They don’t plow some streets in Great Falls because it would leave a pile of snow and maybe make it harder for vehicles to get out. That’s a poor reason. Most folks would move their vehicles to get their streets plowed. Just announce a Snow Ordinance going into effect 12 hours after the snow stops and that’s warning enough.

A city employee was “almost” caught (by me) plowing his/her own driveway the other day with a city vehicle (with the city seal on the side). If my cell phone had not been in my pocket and the driving conditions had not been so terrible (because the street was not plowed) I would have made it back around the block and videotaped it and posted it here. I’m watching…

Making Major Changes:

We knew that John Boehner promised changes when he became the speaker, but this is enormous and he’s not even Speaker yet:

Boehner will create a woman’s restroom closer to the House chamber.

Michele Bachmann is powerful…

You Now Own:

Seems the Federal Government bailed out General Electric (GE), Harley Davidson, and Verizon.

I’m expecting a new (free) refrigerator, motorcycle and cell phone any day now. I doubt we see this reported on MSNBC (GE owns 80% of NBC)…


Today it was announced that the jobless rate (unemployment) jumped to 9.8 percent, highest since April. The folks in charge back in Washington, D.C. are really screwing the country up.

From The Political Inbox:

The Montana GOP sent me an e-mail in which they were very excited that their Chairman had his Guest Editorial published in some newspapers across Montana. The Missoulian titled it: “Sen. Tester has betrayed Montanans over and over” which if you read this website much, you’ll see that the Chairman (or his ghost writer) used most of the talking points from The Western Word.

I’m still waiting for my check GOP boys and girls…and it’s getting close to Christmas…so just make a donation to a local charity in the name of The Western Word and we’ll call it even.

Speaking of Senator Tester, he happily sent out an e-mail about the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, which contained an amendment from the Senator that he says protects “family farmers” but then he reassures his readers that his farm does not qualify. So that begs the question: Is that a “Corporate Farm” you own, Senator? Me thinks so…

Tester also has his opinion up on his website about earmarks where he distances himself from the President saying “Banning earmarks gives Obama administration control of decisions.” It’s a purely political move that we’ll see much more of as he gets closer to November 2012. The fact is Tester was against earmarks before he was for them (arrived in D.C. land). His opponents have the video to prove it.

He also writes in the opinion about “Coming home every weekend and traveling to all of Montana’s 56 counties…” and most political observers will note that there’s no way he has visited all 56 counties. He hid during the healthcare debate which took months.

Sometimes the jokes about the Senator write themselves. The Senator must use a plane or a helicopter to travel “to all of Montana’s 56 counties” “every weekend” because his tractor isn’t fast enough.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent me an e-mail titled, “Welcome.” Then they went on to say that Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) will be taking over as Chairwoman of the DSCC for the 2012 election cycle.

Murray will be the one who decides how much money the DSCC throws into Montana to try and save Senator Tester’s seat. She’s also the one that can say “stop” when it looks like no amount of money will save Senator Tester.

Release Party:

For those Twilight fans, midnight tonight is the release of the Eclipse DVD. Hastings in Great Falls is having a release party 10:00-Midnight.

Oh Bella….

Give to Those Less Fortunate:

It’s the holiday season and I say, “Merry Christmas!” This is the season to help those who may be down on their luck. Even a few dollars or a few minutes of your time can make a difference. You can donate food. You can donate clothing. You can send money to the local rescue mission to buy Christmas dinner. You can donate money to help a military person be able to call home. It’s the season! Do something!

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  1. One would think with all the tax revenue gambling supposedly creates for the government we could have stop or yield signs at each intersection or better snow removal…

    You can thank John Lawton and “the Big Bill” for that.

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