Back in January 2009, President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion “stimulus package” and Americans were promised that his package would keep unemployment under eight percent.

Here we are in September 2010 and unemployment is 9.6%. Some reports say that since Obama raised his right hand, our nation has lost about 2.6 million jobs.

We’ve seen an increase in unemployment and more spending since the Democrats took control of the House and Senate starting in 2007.

The President says the United States was in a “ditch” when he took office. Right now, we are so far off the road that we can’t even see where the road is located to get back on it.

So what does the President do? He proposes a more than $50 billion “jobs program” to build roads, bridges, railroads, and runways. Since this is football season, we can call this Obama’s “Hail Mary” that he is trying to tie to the five-year transportation plan. It is $50 billion up front – $50 billion that we don’t have.

This is incredible. Sadly, there are probably politicians in many states who are drawing up plans to spend the money we don’t have.

It appears there are more “plans” on the horizon as Obama is trying to keep the majorities he has in the Senate and House.

One of the biggest questions people should have is: “Will my elected officials support this plan?” That is a question Montanans should be asking Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester while they are on vacation this month. Maybe some energetic person in the Montana media will ask the question and not let them get away with “I’ll have to review it” for an answer.

Nobody really believes we can spend our way out of this mess, do they? If so, try it at your house and tell me how it works for you.