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We see it a lot in college football – larger colleges playing smaller colleges (creampuffs) early in the football season and pummeling them.

The scheduling of creampuffs for Montana’s two largest universities was highly evident on Saturday when the University of Montana and Montana State beat their two opponents by a combined score of 132-12. Some in the Montana media slurped it up like it was the beginning of something special.

Frankly, the two big dogs of college football in Montana did not really prove anything.

There should be a mercy rule in college football or maybe the “big dog” schools should just play the local high school varsity team.

If you’re the “big dog” school you know you were supposed to win and you were supposed to win big. Coaches should hate these games, because a loss just might end your career.

If you’re the losing team what do you take away from it except maybe a nice check for being a guinea pig? Can you really say “good game” if you let the opposing team score 73 points?

It reminds me of when I was in high school and our wrestling team had been beaten 63-3 by a much larger school. We were on the bus laughing and playing around. The coach got on the bus and yelled at us saying something like, “What the hell are you guys laughing at; we lost the match by 60 points.” Everyone shut up quickly, but then a voice from the back of the bus from the kid who won the only match by decision said, “Hey coach, did you get our trophy?”

It was a long bus ride home and practices the next week were brutal.

Luckily for the smaller schools there is always a slight chance you just might pull off an upset, like Appalachian State did against Michigan at their place in 2007. On Saturday, North Dakota State marched into Lawrence, Kansas, and laid a 6-3 loss on the Jayhawks. Jacksonville State beat Mississippi in overtime. Of course, this is not anything like what Appalachian State did against Michigan, who was ranked number five in the country at that time.

But if you look at the Top 25 major colleges this week, more games are 45-7, 45-0, and 48-3 than there are upsets.

These small colleges beating a larger college kind of reminds me of a part in the movie, Dumb and Dumber:

Lloyd: What are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me, you know, ending up together? Just give it to me straight.

Mary: Not good.

Lloyd: Not good as in, one out of a hundred?

Mary: I’d say more like one out of a million.

Lloyd: [smiles] So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

So yes, there’s a chance a small college can beat a bigger college – like one in a million – or me winning the lottery.

Sports Reporting:

The sports coverage around Montana was pretty bad for this weekend’s coverage, but there was one shining light and that was the sports reporters at KRTV. They understand that maybe the fan wants to know the scores before the 5:30 or 10:00 p.m. news or before reading the Sunday paper. They also understand Twitter and use it.

One nice thing would be instead of tweeting an occasional play, if they would just report the scores of the games by quarter and give the final score.

It was hard to find a score of the Carroll/Rocky game but I happened to find it on Twitter from a KRTV sports reporter, when Helena and Billings sports reporters (the hometown of these two colleges) must have been taking the day off. Of course, somebody may have been giving updates, but I just could not find it.

Nonetheless, this is just beginning of the season for high school and college football. The NFL starts Thursday. Hopefully, the Montana sports reporters can improve on their game (reporting) next weekend.

Fans can always follow me on Twitter as I report as many scores as I can on Friday nights and Saturdays from around the state.

Boise State:

Tonight Boise State plays Virginia Tech in a Monday night matchup. Boise State has a high caliber program but they are in a weak conference and to get a BCS bid, they cannot fail even once during the season. So this is an important game for Boise State.

Moving Up:

Boise State’s rise to near the top of major college football has other smaller schools talking about a move into the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. It’s happening here in Montana with the Montana Grizzlies. Some folks believe the Griz should move up from Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) to Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). By the way, these are really silly names as they should be Division I through Division V.

Most of the chatter comes from the fans who feel the Griz might be able to compete on the highest level of college football. They can’t.

It would be a ridiculous move.  If it’s made then they only reason they would be doing it is for the money. The Griz are very competitive in the FCS, but they would not be nearly as a competitive in the FBS, which means fewer fans attending games if the team is just mediocre. 

Have a great week, sports fans!

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  1. Griz should stay at FCS. They are successful there and the school is the right size I think for FCS. The only conference that would be available would be the Mountain West, which has an uncertain future to begin with. BTW, beautiful campus at Montana.

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