State of the Union: Winning & Bread Bags

Even Obama-hating people will have to admit that President Barack Obama delivered a great State of the Union (SOTU) speech last night. It was by far the best SOTU speech from the President.

This was really the last SOTU speech that people will be paying attention to, because next year we will be in the midst of a Presidential election. Nobody will care that much what the President is saying because his time will be about over.

According to The American Presidency Project, the President’s speech was 6,718 words and it was 59 minutes and 57 seconds in length.

You can read the whole speech HERE. The Associated Press has a Fact Check article HERE.

Here are some of my thoughts about the whole SOTU.

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Well done, Mr. President

I was not able to catch the Memorial Service in Tucson live last night on television because of other commitments, but I was able to catch part of it on the radio and later on I was able to watch a replay of the service on television.

As a communications major, I enjoy listening to, reading, and watching speeches – all types. I can normally tell if a speech moves me if there are tears in my eyes or if I catch myself saying, “I wish I could write like that.”

President Obama’s speech accomplished both of these items last night with me. He did not politicize the event – he was the “healer-in-chief” when he needed to be. He did a fine job.

There were concerns floating around the web about the outbursts of applause and cheers from the crowd. First and foremost, this was Tucson Arizona’s Memorial Service and they can act the way that makes them feel better – the way that they want to memorialize those who lost their lives or were injured in the shooting. It’s not up to me to make a statement about their actions. When the Lord calls me home, and if my surviving family members have a Memorial Service or funeral for me, I want joy and laughter at the event – because I have gone to a much better place.

There were several incredible moments during the President’s speech, but none were quite as great as the part about Congresswoman Gabby Giffords: Continue reading

The Golden Years

The golden years are there to enjoy the fruits of your labor, travel, enjoy family and friends, and spoil the grandchildren.

It may be a little less enjoyable for the folks who receive Social Security checks each month.

Today the Associated Press reported:

The government is expected to announce this week that more than 58 million Social Security recipients will go through a second straight year without an increase in monthly benefits. This year was the first without an increase since automatic adjustments for inflation started in 1975.

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If early reports are any indication from the new book by Bob Woodward, the Obama Administration is not able to handle our country’s National Security or the war in Afghanistan.

Americans should be concerned. It appears that Obama is letting politics decide how to protect our country and win a war. Continue reading


Back in January 2009, President Barack Obama signed a $787 billion “stimulus package” and Americans were promised that his package would keep unemployment under eight percent.

Here we are in September 2010 and unemployment is 9.6%. Some reports say that since Obama raised his right hand, our nation has lost about 2.6 million jobs.

We’ve seen an increase in unemployment and more spending since the Democrats took control of the House and Senate starting in 2007.

The President says the United States was in a “ditch” when he took office. Right now, we are so far off the road that we can’t even see where the road is located to get back on it.

So what does the President do? He proposes a more than $50 billion “jobs program” to build roads, bridges, railroads, and runways. Since this is football season, we can call this Obama’s “Hail Mary” that he is trying to tie to the five-year transportation plan. It is $50 billion up front – $50 billion that we don’t have. Continue reading