You’re Fired!

As I mentioned in an earlier commentary, I have seen quite a few campaign signs in my travels around the state. While this one is not really a campaign sign since neither person is running for office in 2010, it deserves some mention.  It can be seen on U.S. Highway 87/89 about five miles east of Great Falls (between Great Falls and Belt):

If only it were this easy. 

 The words at the bottom of the sign read, ” Not Endorsed By Any Candidate.”



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  2. Well, it might not be paid for by a particular candidate. But as a candidate myself, I certainly “endorse” it. The sign, incidentally, is just a half-mile away from a “burma shave” type sign a little closer to GF. Well worth the visit a few miles out to see them!

  3. They’re better than anything or anyone else out there to date. We should be proud of our senators not dis them so. I disagree with the sign WHOLE HEARTEDLY!!!!

    • Sherry: Thanks for stopping by TWW. In my opinion, saying Montana’s two U.S. Senators are “better than anything or anyone else out there” shows just how far we, as a nation, has to go….


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