Monday’s Quick Hits

Winners never quit and quitters never win. – Vince Lombardi

Today I take a look at Super Bowl 51, Saturday Night Live, Super Bowl Ads, and much more!

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I Got the Call…

It’s always interesting to read about people who have been scammed over the phone. Sometimes I wonder how in the heck someone could be ripped off so easily.

I kind of enjoy it when the “Windows” guy (who has an accent) calls to tell me there’s something wrong with my Windows. If I have time, I ask a bunch of questions and make statements like “I know one of my windows has a crack – can you stop by and repair it?” One time I screamed, “Why do you want to look through my Windows?” Another time I told the caller in English that I don’t speak English. That confused him.

I also enjoy the spam emails saying a Prince or Princess or widow in some country I’ve never heard about wants to send me several million dollars. All they need is my bank account number. Today I received an email from a lady who is dying from cancer. She wanted me to help her disburse $10.8M to charities, widows, orphans and less privileged.

Several years ago I received what I thought at first was a legitimate email. The email was from U.S. Bank and it looked official and it even had their logo. It looked just like their website, but I always check the email address and it was not a U.S. Bank address. I tried to contact U.S. Bank to let them know about it, but they are so bloated in bureaucracy that I gave up when I could not reach a real person.

Over the weekend I read about an alert from the local sheriff’s office where a scammer was calling to tell the person there were warrants out to arrest him/her because he/she did not show up for a jury trial. The person was told he/she needed to pay a couple thousand dollars as bond to stay out of jail.

I recently received a similar call.

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50 Shades of…Blue

I think the folks who work at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls do a pretty good job. A year or so ago I got to see up close how they work, and I think they did a fine job.

Yesterday the Great Falls Tribune published a story about Benefis Hospital requiring employees to wear “colors” specific to their department. Benefis hopes this will help prevent confusion from patients.

I guess some patients wondered if an employee was coming into their room to take their blood or clean their toilet. By the way, I am pretty sure the new colors don’t have anything to do with gangs.

When I first saw the illustration in the E-Newspaper version of the Tribune showing the different colored scrubs that are required to be worn, I thought they were showing the silks that jockeys would be wearing for a horse race. Giddy-up…

What was amusing to me and others who read the story is how many shades of blue scrubs the employees will be wearing at Benefis.

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Royal Baby, Zimmerman, & Wolf

Yesterday’s news coverage of the announcement that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and husband Prince William had welcomed their first child into the world was over the top. It was one of those days that you are either glued to the TV or you shut it off and get a lot accomplished around the house or at work. The coverage continues today.

Shortly after the birth, someone Tweeted, “Whatever, England. Our Kate had eight children.”

Thankfully the George Zimmerman murder trial was completed or we would have had a big problem on the cable news networks.

Ironically, #GeorgeZimmerman and #RoyalBaby were trending on Twitter at the same time. Zimmerman came out of nowhere and helped four people get out of an SUV that had overturned in Florida. I guess this happened around the same time the Duchess of Cambridge was giving birth.

CNN did not disappoint; they had “CNN Breaking News” alerts about both. By the way, the more I watch CNN, the more I wonder what they will do if anything ever happens to Wolf Blitzer.

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Making Montana Proud

Today (Wednesday) is one of the biggest travel days of the year, so if you are traveling have a great time out there on the highways or in the airports as you make your way over the river and through the woods to your destinations! The Associated Press reports, “Around 43.6 million Americans were expected to journey 50 miles or more between Wednesday and Sunday.”

Wear your seatbelts and please don’t drink and drive!

Today I write about three recent issues in the news which has cast Montana in less than favorable light. Although I titled this column and the three paragraphs “Making Montana Proud,” I’m being sarcastic…

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